Ele Shaman Help on HM Spine 25

Ok I have an Elemental Shaman in my 25 man who is asking for help on her DPS on HM Spine. I already identified one problem with raid comp and I am recruiting a Boomkin to help her out.

Any other advice would be appreciated. Here is her armory:

She is using the Bottled Wishes trinket on Spine also.

Here is 2 days of logs:



the character's name is Shatu.
I'm confused, what is recruiting a boomkin going to do to help her out? Are you using her as the breaker, and going to use a boomkin to help break as well? Last I heard boomkins sucked at spine, and they don't give anything an ele doesn't already have.

For starters on tendon damage Shatu should, as you already said, be using bottled wishes. He/she should have at least 6 stacks of lightning shield before the burn starts. Open up with an EM/trinket > flame shock (Flame shock after EM because this allows more FlS ticks for more lava surge proc chances) > lava burst, and LB spam until shocks are back off the the CD and then dump charges (Which have probably gotten to 9 by now), then it's LB spamming, and LvBing whenever possible. He/she should be able to get another earth shock off, and then unleash elements at the last second. I would also drop hex for glyph of EM because free damage reduction is free damage reduction, and hex is useless in raiding.

For glyphs Shatu should always be using LvB over LB because it's just better. Not by much, but it benefits from mastery, and overrides LB on non-movement intensive fights (And none of DS is really movement intensive). For Spine I would drop unleash lightning and run FlS, LvB, and LB.

Finally I'd balance out haste/mastery more. The 4 piece without legendary makes the stats very close in weight with mastery edging out slightly. Shatu could simcraft to find out how much each is really worth, but more than likely mastery will be winning slightly.

I'll look over the logs in a bit.

Edit: Also keep in mind that all casters are basically balanced around the legendary. With the DS nerfs the damage requirement isn't high, but you can't expect competitive elemental damage against melee on tendons. Like 600k or so is probably going to be about average.
Yeah so I totally forgot to look at logs. Not sure if you're still around or not, but to be honest after looking at them for a bit I'm not sure if I'm qualified to break down a spine log other than looking straight up at amalg, and tendon damage which isn't hard to do.

I could take a look at an Ultrax log and critique that, but that's not very relevant on spine.
The rotational stuff Liax brings up is correct. Also your shaman has too much hit.

As someone who did this fight without a legendary, I can say that mastery is indeed better than haste (with 4pc), and 600k is definitely too low. I didn't turn heads with my damage but I did enough to be helpful and competitive on the fight (I heal it now, I can't say which is more boring). Bottled wishes is necessary, it lines up the EM perfectly.

A boomken is not really a great addition to the fight.

(1) glyphs/talents (drop convection!)
(2) tighter shock management
(3) adjust stat weights
My 600k average was kind of a ballpark guess. 700k or so might be better, but I can only assume it's be extremely rare to hit 1mill without the legendary unless RNG loved you, or it was during the BL/pot burn.

That being said the average burn required per DPS is a lot less than 1 mill now due to the 30% and the 15% spine nerf (Not sure exactly what it is now, but it's definitely down there) or so the shaman can still pull approx his weight, but not comparatively to the other classes.
Your shaman deserves some props for the 31/5/5 spec, which is the optimal spec on spine. I no longer respec to 31/5/5 with the nerfs, but knowing this is something pretty cool considering it's not really written anywhere.

Don't need Unleashed Lightning on Spine. Lightning bolt would add extra damage for the burn.

I only looked at one log - the first burn of the first attempt of the first log:


Note that Shatu did 750k damage here, which is respectable, but a good non-legendary Elemental shaman can easily do 850-900k (with legendary probably 1-1.1M, optimal is 1.2-1.3M, about 1.6M with bloodlust/potion).

When I parse for Shatu's casts, and look for where the Burning Tendon starts, here is what I find:

[20:46:57.093] Shatu casts Flame Shock on Burning Tendons
[20:46:58.404] Shatu casts Ultimate Power
[20:46:58.622] Shatu begins to cast Lava Burst

This tells me that there is no macro being used. Flame shock is cast at 57 seconds, but Ultimate Power (trinket) is not used until a GCD later. The trinket is off the GCD and should be used at the exact same time. A macro would look something like this:

/targetexact Burning Tendons
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Elemental Mastery
/use Bottled Wishes
/cast Lightning Bolt (optimal, but annoying), OR /cast Flame Shock

This macro would be spammed by the player as they run towards the tendon slightly after the nuclear blast until it connects.

[20:46:59.965] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:01.270] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:02.545] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:03.880] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:05.928] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:07.536] Shatu casts Elemental Mastery
[20:47:08.081] Shatu begins to cast Lava Burst

Why is EM used so late? There's only 7ish seconds left on the burn before EM is used. In addition, due to the fact that there isn't any macro used with EM, the wasted reaction time between hitting EM and hitting the instant spell is about 0.55 seconds in this particular burn.

[20:47:09.091] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:09.831] Shatu casts Lightning Shield on Corrupted Blood
[20:47:10.291] Shatu casts Earth Shock on Burning Tendons

Fulmination is used so late - this tells me that she didn't save up 9 charges prior to the burn starting. If this was done properly, I would expect that the first Earth shock usage to be 5-7 seconds from the start of the burn.

[20:47:11.264] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:12.401] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:13.570] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt
[20:47:14.784] Shatu begins to cast Lightning Bolt


Last thing I noticed was that she cast her last spell prior to the burn on the amalgamation about 9 seconds before the burn started. In theory, this means she kept up her will of unbinding intellect buff, but 9 seconds is really cutting it close. I would suggest making sure something is being casted at all times, even if it is a single target lightning bolt on a blood.

I hope some of these tips helped.

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