<Nemesis> Recruiting for 10man Raiding 6/8 H

Earthen Ring
Hello everyone,

Nemesis is a somewhat small raiding guild We currently are working with three 10 man groups for Dragon Soul. Group 1 is currently 6/8H, Group 2 is currently 2/8H. We are looking to start filling out our ranks for the upcoming Mist of Pandaria Expansion.

We are currently recruiting all classes.
Please have a Gear score of at least 394+

You can contact myself in game if you have any questions regarding <Nemesis>.

If you wish to submit an application for Nemesis you can go to


We are a great bunch of people. Number 1 rule is leave the drama at the door and bring your "A" game. Respect your guild mates ;)

As I said before, if you have further questions please contact us in game.

Thank you,


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