[H]War Party - 8/8H 10m LF1M for MoP

<War Party> on Korgath is an adult oriented 10m progression guild looking to strengthen our roster for Mists of Panderia. We are a semi-newer guild, having just started out together as a group this last February. We downed 8/8H even while continuously working to solidify our roster and are seeking to now solidify a higher server rank come Mists.

We are looking for 1, maybe 2 experienced and motivated raiders to start off strong in MoP. Our atmosphere is fun with minimal stress and drama, yet we get things done and strive to experience everything the game has to offer - looking to compete with the top guilds on server when MoP is released. We ask our raiders to maintain a high raid attendance percentage and keep up to date on encounter and class knowledge in order to make sure we have a fully prepared roster each night. At the same time we do realize that WoW does not need to be a second job. Progression can happen without being elitists. We strive to maintain a roster of approximately 12-14 people to ensure a 100% guild only roster and class diversity as needed - no one is considered a "bench" player. Our officers are experienced raiders with many previous heroic modes under our belts, and various leadership experience from other guilds/expansions.

Requirements for Mists
  • Willing to level to 90 within 7 days after release.
  • Motivated to gear up and help others gear up before the first raid is open.
  • Be up to date on all 5.1 changes.
  • Have previous heroic experience (prefer 8/8H DS, but exceptions can always be made if you feel you should be at that level)
  • .

    Sun: 9pm-12am CST (7pm-10pm PST, 10pm-1am EST)
    Mon: 9pm-12am CST (Occasionally have this day off when things are on farm)
    Tue: 9pm-12am CST
    Wed: 9pm-12am CST

    Currently looking for 1, maybe 2, various DPS classes and possibly a non-priest healer (our current players are willing to change mains based on guild needs).

    *will always consider exceptional applicants of any class.

    If you are interested in applying, please visit: worldofwarparty.com
    If you have any questions or would like to speak to us in game before applying, please feel free to contact Yig (GM), or Aisllyn (Recruitment Officer) in game via tell or mail.
    Real ID: cailinuaigneach@hotmail.com

    NOTE: No raider will be accepted into the guild without reviewing our guild information and completing an application on our website, regardless if you get a hold of us in game prior to applying or not. We greatly appreciate this small effort from you to help us keep things organized. :-)

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