[H] <No Action Bars> recruiting for MoP 25m

No Action Bars is a mature, casual, progression minded guild that was established in 2011. Our members enjoy an outstanding list of perks ranging from a friends and family atmosphere free of elitist guild drama and the opportunity to experience content as it is released. All raiding members of the guild also receive paid guild repairs.

We have been involved in all content since the guild was formed, and we will be involved in all content going forward. We are currently shifting our focus from 10 man content to 25 man content for MoP. Our core group raids on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays (beginning in October) from 11pm-2am server time.

We are looking for exceptional players to fill out a 25 man roster as well as alternates. You will keep your raid spot once earned. We are currently recruiting the following specific classes for MoP 25m, however, everyone is encouraged to apply;

Druid-High (Feral DPS, Moonkin)
Priest-High (Disc , Shadow)
Paladin-High (Retribution, Holy)
Hunter-High (Marksman, Survival)
Rogue-High (Subtlety)
Death Knight-High (Unholy, Frost)
Shaman-High (Enhancement)
Mage-High (Fire, Arcane)
Warlock-High (Destro, Demo)

We will be using dkp when this group is filled.

All casual minded players are encouraged to contact any of our officers in game to receive a quick and basic interview to ensure you match our overall guild environment, and if approved, you are invited as a trial member. All raid/progression minded applicants must complete a guild application at noactionbars.com. Once our officers review your application, they will contact you for your trial period to begin.

Our current officers are Shagadelic, Neowulfe, Nininch and Krixuss. Please feel free to contact any of these members with any questions you may have.

All guild policies, as well as our guild charter, are located on our forums for any potential raider to review. We strongly encourage you to visit our website at noactionbars.com and register today.
We are recruiting an exceptional hunter for our core raid. Please go to noactionbars.com to apply.
bump We have open recruiting to fill out a 25 man roster. Come and grow with us.

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