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Legend of Zelda movie (but looking at Mario movie, maybe not)
Star Wars 7-9
Ender Series
the Incredibles 2: Rise of the Underminer (they made a game for it, which was okay)
some new Pirate Movie starring Van Diesal

did they make movies for "Gr@pes of Wrath" or "All Quiet on the Western Front"?

EDIT: wont let me spell gr@pes
I want:

-A sequel to 2011's "Conan The Barbarian"
-A sequel to "Your Highness"
-A sequel to 2010's "Robin Hood"
Evangelion. Richard Taylor's been pushing for it for well over a decade; at one point Weta was working on preproduction art for it but it was cancelled. The Rebuild of Evangelion series is alright, though.

The Silmarillion. :3

Nobody could handle it yet, but I hope to see Steven Erikson's A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen sometime in my lifetime. It'd easily be a job 3-5x bigger than The Lord of the Rings, though.

A serious remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender would be sweet.

And just in general... more historical fiction. Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories would be !@#$ing epic.

And more Pirates of the Caribbean; kthxbai.

this was just wrapped up my friend worked the lighting for it. think he said it would be out next year in fall. definitely looking forward to it.

Ah nice. I just looked on IMDB and Harrison Ford is starring in it. Hope I enjoy it as good as I did the book.

Incredibly nervous about Ender's Game, tbh. I feel like the only studio I'd trust with it would be Lions Gate and they aren't involved, so I'm really reserved about it until I at least see a trailer or preview of some kind.
Would loooove a movie series based around the Wilde/Chase series by Andy McDermott. Kinda similar to Indiana Jones crossed with National Treasure. But more actiony.

Would recommend to anyone who likes cinematic books. I could see these transfered to movie form almost directly, with little if any editting.
A CGI World of Warcraft movie instead of the Live-action one that has been put on hiatus...
08/24/2012 03:25 AMPosted by Calfredd
A CGI World of Warcraft movie instead of the Live-action one that has been put on hiatus...

This. But with MOAR TAUREN.
The Terror - Dan Simmons

The Long Walk - Stephen King

DMZ - Brian Wood
My immediate thought was Wheel of Time, but unfortunately each movie would have to be the length of the mini series Roots in order to capture everything. So that's out.

I agree with Calfredd, CGI WoW would take the cake. Live action is way to difficult to get right, and I'm absolutely terrified that somehow Dungeon Siege The Movie will be a better movie after it's said and done if they do live action.
A Shadowrun movie complete with the matrix, astral space, cyber zombies, riggers, and Bug City (aka Chicago).
A Justice League movie..and a Wow/WC3 movie, and a TF2 movie.
The Star Gate Atlantis Movie.
World of Warcraft Movie.

Can't really think of any others =[
Deadpool Movie with Ryan Reynolds but haveing nothing to do with X-men origens.
Dr. Who
I've been waiting for a Warcraft movie. They make movies from Marvel comics, and they are very successful, even a movie from a boardgame [Battleship]. I first had this idea like 4 years ago, but now avatar has taking our flying dragon idea. I love the small videos Blizzard brings out, if you could extend one of these to a 2 hours movie I think it would ROCK =D
Gears of War and Halo.

A live-action Mech show similar to Evangelion. I would settle for a live-action Evangelion movie but I don't know if the actors could capture the character's (Shinji/Asuka/Rei) emotion.
A movie all about Tauren (a pipe dream, obviously, but I can dream, can't I?)
Like to see a PREACHER movie based on the comic from vertigo however I think the subject matter would create to much drama.
Another Fine Myth. Preferably Animated/CGI

Warcraft I - Arthas meets Thrall and Sylvanas

Wheel of Time - the HBO series.
Blood Meridian

Would be lovely if the Coen Brothers or someone similar picked it up. I'm a sucker for westerns.

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