Cant find wrathgate quests

I was going back to get the wrathgate quests (a bit late) just to do it, but i can find any of the quests leading up to it at stars rest or wintergarde. what should i do
This chain was removed.
Actually, Nobully, he's not that far yet, according to his quest log.

If you can't find anything in Stars Rest, that means that you've already begun a couple of the quests for the Wrath Gate. Likewise, if you can't find anything in Wintergarde, you are likely looking for quests in some of the secondary quest hubs. These would include quests in one of a couple tombs in the city below Wintergarde, at the barn surrounded by tanks in that same city, the small camp southeast of the Crystal Vice, the top of Wyrmrest Temple, and Angarthar itself.

Check each of these places and you will eventually find where you left off.

Just remember that the quest chain after the big cutscene has, as Nobully mentioned, been removed from the game.

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