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Area 52
Lately, you may have seen items for insanely low prices, such as queen's garnets and crimson deathchargers. What you need to understand is these items are being duplicated, this is a process in which a item is replicated, thus resulting in a min. of 2 of that item. Some may see these items as a profit, Honestly its not, these items completely corrupt the market of its prices. For instance, deathchargers selling for 50k+ one day and as low as 20k the next.. If we all avoid these markets we can strike an end to this corruptive plague haunting the economic market. By supporting these "people" you are supporting perhaps gold selling websites which hack accounts just like your own. Ask yourself, Would you like to be sided with the people that are after your account?

Although seemingly difficult for profiteers, seeking to make a quick buck as myself. Don't do it, don't be affiliated with the exploitation side of WoW. Some of you may say, "Well duping doesn't exist so I'm fine" The clear response is NO. I do not want to go into details here, but the duping is happening on blizzards behalf, due to persuasion of mischievous players. Another clear approach would be "Well, until blizzard fixes it I'm gonna keep making quick gold!" There is a back-end system that will come through and delete duped items, even if their now in your hands, and you paid!

What can you do to prevent these malicious scams? Simple, Avoid them, if something seems to good to be true it probably is! If you are weary of a person, and believe it may be remotely duplicated, please contact a GM asap. They are there to help and assist with any problems you may have. I personally have had my gold fully restored and items removed after learning of their dupe. The process is fast and, for the better of the community. Help in the fight against the scammers!

-Oso wants you to avoid the scams at all costs!-

Thank you, Osomu
This would make a nice sticky!
Also, Please feel free to spread this post to all realm forums! It would be great to have this stickied also Kaldrie. I posted this in mmo champ under different alias, hopefully we can deprive the market of its customers!
Sad thing is that the same people have been doing this for MONTHS now and they have been reported over and over again. Blizzard has done nothing about it so more and more people are stepping up and taking advantage of it now. Blizzard gm's just seem to only copy/paste responses to your tickets then close them out. If they would start banning some accounts people would back off and avoid it more.
Yeah as much as I like the idea of people boycotting duped goods, the truth is no one will. The fact Blizzard has done nothing for a while now only supports their efforts. -.- If they start finding out a way to dupe tcg loot, I'm dont with this game.

tl'dr its panic selling + farming not duping.

you are retarded

I've provided my insight on it so don't throw out comments against me without being able to back them up. Don't even start claiming because there is some how more of them and shadowmourne is hard to farm so nobody would do it, I want to see legitimate proof of it being duped and not stupid comments where you believe it to be duped. Show me legitimate proof of people holding X amount of chargers not pictures of wowhead and other stupid people pointing out a sudden output of the mount. All those mounts people were !@#$%ing over such as vials being duped a lot of people brought them over from other realms where mats are cheaper than A52's.

Still I would like to see proof of dupes not proof of more supply, during a dupe there is supply by the 100s not by the 10s. Forgot to add those level 1s who sell stuff dirt cheap in most cases have compromised the account and are just looking to flip a quick buck. Nowhere does it say selling a mount which can be obtained for free at a low price is against the rules of the WoW market, you can't expect the deathcharger which several people have to hold a value of close to 100k with no demand at that price.

Now I await your response hopefully its something better than "you're retarded" because that proves nothing.
The people that are selling them is all the evidence you need. Most of us know who these people are.
08/02/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Xpunjabi
Now I await your response hopefully its something better than "you're retarded" because that proves nothing.

They're duped. The end.
Yes, They are being duped, and the majority of people selling them bought from the duper himself. Note; Many of these people know that the items they are selling are "dupes" which is honestly sad.
Thanks Osomu.
08/02/2012 04:40 PMPosted by Spoodzx
you are retarded

You're sexy.
Why can't the dupe some awesome mounts and sell them for like 30k. Like magic rooster or something. Everything else isn't really worth it
I feel like many of you are missing the point, if they made other mounts just as cheap they wouldn't be so awesome... The point is don't support the exploitation!!! stand against it!
08/02/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Xpunjabi
Now I await your response hopefully its something better than "you're retarded" because that proves nothing.

I would assume none of the people in the thread complaining about duping are doing it themselves. That said I've seen single characters post upwards of 15 deathchargers in a 24 hour period for several days. If YOUR proof is that we don't have any solid evidence then you're worse off than we are.

08/03/2012 04:24 PMPosted by Shamâzing
Why can't the dupe some awesome mounts and sell them for like 30k. Like magic rooster or something. Everything else isn't really worth it

The method involved here requires the item to be generated client side. Like looting the Shadowmourne box. A quick google search will provide more description than I feel like passing around the forum. This method has been around for several months and while I believe that Blizzard is aware of the issue they seem to be unable to fix it currently.

It's irritating to see a mount that should be one of the rarest in the game becoming commonplace.

Strangely the 4 cheap ones are not from the top sellers of deathchargers (20 auction postings in 4 days).

As far as Queen Garnets, Vials, and Mechanohogs those are items that can be commonly found on a server to store as gold equivalent since you can only bring over 50k in actual gold, you bring over the rest in easy to find high value items. Area 52 is the PvE equivalent of Illidan. Everyone from the 95% of servers that are mediocre move here bringing with them as many valuable items as they can sell. I personally dumped off 6 stacks of queen garnets when I transfered back in Feb.
While I can understand buying multiple "Deathchargers" or Vials as a means of transferring your gold in items to beat the 50k cap as a likely excuse

It doesn't excuse the fact that like people are saying above, one GUY is posting upwards of 20 mounts. The money required to purchase these is outrageous and the posting price just screams scam. How does something go from upwards of 50-70k to suddenly under 20k

Supply and demand be damned, there is treachery afoot.

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