[H] <Object Oriented> 10Man LFM

Object Oriented is a casual raiding guild looking for exceptional players that only have Tuesday and possibly Thursday nights open. We are looking to clear only normal modes. Hard modes are mind-numbing and pain-staking and we just don't have the time to focus on them. The founders, Eriks and and Orewa, are RL friends that are looking for a positive, laid back raiding experience to fit into our everyday lives. You're free to gear up an alt, leave, then bring in another alt to be geared (Eriks and Orewa have the final say on whether or not you'll be invited to a particular raid or boss fight). The goal is to clear normal mode on Tuesday night, then possibly clean up on Thursday night.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 9pm-12am CST
Thursday 9pm-11pm CST

If you'd like to join, please RealID message:
(Orewa): lucienshaw@gmail.com
(Eriks): pwindh2@yahoo.com

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