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Hello Ravenholdt community. I have been playing WoW for a very long time on several characters and servers. RP is something I was interested in when I first started playing, but I was never able to find a good fit. After several questions and forum posts, I have been told Ravenholdt is the current RP haven.

The population is somewhat balanced (60% Horde/40% Alliance last I heard) and there is still world pvp happening on a regular basis (albeit less as of late due to the imminent release of MoP).

Long story short, I plan on creating an Orc Rogue and I am seeking a guild or at least some basic roleplay tips. Most importantly the types of addons required for RP and the basic rules that most people generally follow. I have a firm grasp of how to stay in character and RP, but I am not sure how it applies when in a dungeon or pvp. Thank you for any assistance.
Bloodfury Clan is recruiting. We represent the Horde that Thrall built. All orc, heavy RP.

Feel free to PST me in game if you want an interview, or if Orcs are not your thing I am happy to provide such advice and orientation as I can.

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