Rogue LF casual raiding guild

Okay so me being brand new to this server and not knowing anyone, I figured here would be the best place to look.

anyways a little about myself, I've played since classic (see morbent's FoS for classic Sergeant title), taking a break from BC to focus on my military career. I rejoined back up at the very start of wrath, and raided as a warlock or DK for all of that expansion. When cata was released i rushed to 85 on my lock, only to get frustrated with the dungeon finder and quality of the playerbase on old realm (eitrigg) and quit again without having tried T11 and 12. I ended up starting back up again about 6-7 months ago only to see that my servers all but died out raiding and progression wise, and all the people i used to play with quit, leaving the griefers and trolls to reign supreme on the server. i have finally had enough of it, and am changing over to this server to kind of start fresh. I'll be bringing my other toons over the next few months as i get more money to transfer each one.

I am looking for a guild where I can casually raid DS until MoP, preferably on Mondays so I can still run on my other server as well until i get my main raiding toons over to this server. I have completed reg multiple times, and really have no desire to do HM unless i absolutely have to.

Heres some of my other toons:

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