[H] 8/8H MoP Recruitment -Tues/Thrs

Udder Perfection has trimmed its roster for MoP and we are looking for highly dedicated and skilled team members to join our progressive raiding environment.

We believe that quality not quantity is what leads to a successful guild and therein a successful raid environment. Our aim is to raid 2 days a week for 3 hours each with an occasional 3rd day if a kill is imminent. We feel this type of raid schedule is conducive to progression without interfering with pressing matters in our everyday lives. If you are an elite player and feel that a shorter raid week in a highly competitive and progressive environment is for you, then please keep reading.

Let's get the details out of the way....


Raid Times:
-Tues/Thurs from 7:30 or 8 until 10:30 or 11 (3 hours)
-Mon/Wed will be our backup/reserve days - same times as above

Application Period:
-2 week initial application (web app, interview, test runs, general hazing =P)
-1 month probationary period (you raid as a member of our team and show us your stuff)

Classes Being Recruited:
Death Knight - Frost, Unholy [must maintain Blood setup]
Rogue - Asn, Combat, Sub

Hunter - B.M, Marks, Survival

Druid - Balance
Mage - Arcane, Fire
Priest - Shadow
Warlock - Aff, Demo, Destro

The roster will be anywhere from 10-12 players strong. All raid members will have a say in who has earned a spot on the team or who is to be slotted for active recruitment. We are striving for excellent group chemistry so skill is not the only factor in determining acceptance or dismissal.

We are looking for those who fit our personality. We all spend a good amount of time in this game so we believe that you should enjoy the company you keep. This is why our recruitment period will be longer and more involved than most; those who are already on our MoP roster have been playing together for years and we are looking to recruit more long-time friends instead of temporary solutions.

So what does an ideal candidate for Udder Perfection's MoP Progression 10 Team look like?

-First off, you'll need to have a sense of humor (a dark sense of humor helps tremendously).

-You are self-motivated when it comes to World of Warcraft. Intrinsic rewards such as a first boss-kill or accomplishing something new is a greater reward than something extrinsic such as loot, mounts or money.

-You should be able to take criticism well and also be able to provide criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, if yours is called out you need to acknowledge, learn and adapt from said mistake.

-You should always be looking for ways to improve; by way of perfecting rotations, theory crafting, or devising a use of creative game mechanics. We are looking for those who think critically and understand how to use their characters abilities to their fullest.

-You are punctual, reliable, courteous, drama-free, and respectful of your fellow guild mates along with WoW players in general. We don't play WoW to be bothered by random D-bags, so we only recruit those who foster a positive community both in and out of guild.

-You are one who perfects their craft (character). We are not looking for those who want to finish second. You should be an elite player and this should resonate throughout every aspect of your play.

If this is a raid environment that interests you, please don't hesitate to post here or contact Swiftshift (Swiftrapture = active raiding character) in game so we may discuss your potential position on our team.


Raid Leader & GM of Udder Perfection,

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