Friendly Neighborhood DPS DK LF MoP Raid Guil

Main'd as a Prot Warrior for nearly 6 years.

Additional raid experience on the following alts over the years. Priest(Holy, Disc), Shaman(Resto), Rogue(Combat, Assassination), Druid (Boomkin).

Raid experience dating back to the last 2 months of Vanilla all the way up to Firelands. I have raided extremely casually all the way up to hardcore progression oriented raiding.

Willing to tank when needed to fill in or for certain fights.

Excellent attendance history. In nearly 6 years I've missed only a half dozen or so scheduled raid nights.

Totally down for some guild RBG groups or casual arena teams.

3rd shifter and EST player. Available hours are 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM server. Tuesday and Wednesday nights will almost always have no time restrictions but I can not promise that with absolute certainty. Will always know for sure by Friday.

Getting to max level and gearing up asap to raid Mogu'shan Vaults when it opens on October 2nd is an absolute non issue.

Also, before I get trolled for it, I know I don't have professions at the moment. Those will be power leveled and ready to go by the first raid.

Adult environment is a near must. AKA, I like foul language and dirty jokes.

Looking for a guild capable of consistent progression. AKA not being stuck on the same boss for 2 months =P. A guild capable of full clearing would be sweet too.

If you're interested in talking or have any questions, shoot an email to, find me in game, leave a message here, or whatever. Quick response to any inquiries, guaranteed.


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