RAF Partner

Hey everyone, as you can probably tell from the title I am looking for a Raf partner. If you are thinking of starting an account and don't want to take so long leveling just add me on skype HugoTheCrow and we can level together. We will be playing Alliance on the server Cenarius. I will try and help you out in game as much as I can. The things I will provide are mount skills and mounts up to 280%, 500g,4 16slot bags and we will level together until lvl 81 or 85 if you want to keep level without RAF. I play between the hours of 10am-9pm est, if I need to change my schedule to better fit yours I will as long as the times are within reason. I will also get you geared enough to be able to do Heroic Dunguens. Thanks for reading and please consider my offer. Thanks Good Luck and Have Fun.

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