TheTruth of Illidan...BehindMy Beautiful Eyes

When I first transferred here at the end of literally was the best choice I made of any transfer upon any realm and I transferred on 10 different realms and usually have a tradition of transferring to a different realm at the end of an expansion with many toons but now only with one only and one forever, me beloved Rogue.

Honestly...go to any won't find the quickness of pugs and teams for anything at all...whether it be farming, questing, arena, dungeons, battlegrounds, etc. There may be requirements now a days and more but that is only because there is a big population and you just don't know who to trust but achievements show you status on your skill...(if not carried of course).

And the Community...Illidan's Community is very unique compared to any other realms...the Trolls Here......Are PURELY TROLLS WOAHA!??

Well.... certainly there is always something to do and business is great here.

What it missed though was World PvP...a very important aspect of the game....

However...any World PvP is not the same as it used to be....Behold what Stormreaver has granted for me; lots of Alliance to a cost.

Only difference really is yes obviously different regions in the outside world but no matter where I go....I can't find the most unique Players who know how to Play and the Most Unique Trolls who know How to Troll and Illidan has all of this.

A wise man said *I'll make him an offer he cannot refuse*

I think I'm going back to Illidan because it really made me enjoy this game a lot more and with blizzard still allowing xrealm features, there really isn't any difference from other servers EXCEPT the wonderful community here.

If anyone could provide with me information I hear about this xrealm WPVP zones in MoP...whether this is indeed true or not...a bit of detail will delight me greatly.

I think I'm coming Illidan so much and BIG SHOUT OUT TO THIS SERVER!



and the guilds that remember me most of being a Clown.

I'M COMING BACK....or perhaps....well...idk yet
I love you sooo much.
can't wait...
08/06/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Xejvluqstzyr
love Illidan

08/06/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Xejvluqstzyr
the wonderful community here.

08/07/2012 06:43 AMPosted by Reclüse
Too Long to read bro.
Yeah can we get a TLDR?
Oh you....stop it..
illidan #1 realm all time

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