Only this man can make it happen

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like it should.

His Peter. Peter Jackson.

I believe that with his work on the Lord of the Rings series, the fact that he is putting The Hobbit into 3 parts, and his Amazing work on D9, this is just the guy to direct a WoW movie. He was even going to direct the Halo movie, but they bought the script for 10$ and ran into some copyright issues, so the idea got shut down. So Peter ended up quickly getting in with a director and made the District 9 movie in its place. That's right, if Halo had been released, D9 either wouldn't have existed..or just would not have had PJ involved.

Peter Jackson....he would make the WoW movie happen.

The WoW movie should be animated. Much like the new Beowolf, or similar to the WC animations from the campaigns.

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