[A] LF 2 LV85 players to do weekly BWL runs

As the title states, I have a LV85 Hunter that is aiming to pick up the entire Dragonstalker Tier 2 set. I currently have the Legging off of Rag, Bracers off of Razorgore, and Shoulders off of Chrommagus (mispelt). Looking to acquire all of the pieces for the set.

If anyone is interested to do weekly speed runs through the place, please post here or let me know in-game. I'm willing to do these runs constantly until everyone got the stuff they wanted.

A Rogue for the Suppression Room would be wonderful.

EDIT: I'm not saved to BWL this week so I am looking for 2 players who can meet up with me at the same time for a speed run before Tuesday.
I could join you, but I need the dates and time to make sure I could attend.
If you could contact me in-game that would be great.
I'll PM you once I come online today.

I need to do this week's run anyway. Hate to lose out on a possible T2 Helm off Nef.

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