(A) TheUnforOHGODBEES 8/12 T14 Need Healer!

No way, are you guys the same omgbees from spinebroken. I realm/faction xferred from there a bit ago when DoV stopped raiding. What a coincidence.
Yeah half our guys are from old bees. We took name so we can steal their website lulz.
Bump for healer
Fellow compatriots, it as at this junction that I must inform you, that I continue to implore some kind generous healing soul to consider joining our fine organization. We're all friends here, let us run into the fields of sunshine flowers together okay? Please apply at omgbeez.com so we can frolic together all day every day.
Healer please.
Bump for 1/6
Bummmp TTTT

Great raid night last night! We had a short night and still got the first boss down and almost killed the second! Need a new healer to come kill Feng with us on Thursday!
I like to sit,
Do nothing at home,
I disappear,
Turn off the phone,
I lose myself,
Hide from the sun,
I make a trip,
When I'm outta fun.
2/6 MSV
Bump for 4/6!
Woo 4/6 in an hour and a half to make up for time lost from people in the queue on Tuesday!
It's more than a feeling
More than a feeling
When I hear that old song they used to play
More than a feeling
And I begin dreaming
More than a feeling
Til I see Mary Anne walk away
So that's where you guys went - we were wondering. GL in the progression hunt guys.

Edited for stupidity
BEHOLD! I have officially returned from my vacation!
Hi friends, good luck to you as well.

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