2 spriests and more!

Greetings. I am one of two shadow priests looking to secure a raiding spot in a 10m guild come MoP. Currently we both have Dragonwrath and a 402 ilvl with 6/8 HM exp in DS, 6/7 HM exp in FL, and 8/13HM Exp in T11.

Our desired raid days are between Tuesday and Thursday.

We have both been playing since BC and have Raid leading and Guild Leading experience. Either one of us would be fine leading a raid group if asked but we also know how to be quiet and follow directions when needed.

Were not looking for a super hardcore guild but were not looking for a super casual one either. A happy median somewhere in between there would be a great fit for us. We have many alts but we cannot guarantee we would be willing to play them as mains.

Any serious inquiries may add my real id at tomcooper412@hotmail.com or to immediately get in touch with me TEXT my cellular device at 412-651-5489. I will not answer phone calls as long distance isn't free. Ventrilo can be used if you'd like to interview us.

Ill also mention we could potentially bring some fellow raiders with us from Rivendare if there would be opportunity for them to raid as well.

One last thing. Our Armory profiles...


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