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Sons of the Horde - Level 25 - Heavy RP

Sons of the Horde, as many will draw from the name, is a guild dedicated to the Horde and its endeavors. It was formed by the Orcish warmaster Tharosh, who sought out others who could assist him in his cause, and in turn, assist the Horde machine.

Sons of the Horde is an established heavy paramilitary RP guild comprised of awesome RPers, and awesome friends. We RP, we chat, and we do some PvP (primarily battlegrounds and arenas) and PvE (old world raids, heroics, and occasionally current-tier content). We have an all-around awesome time on Azeroth.

- But is Sons of the Horde a military guild?
- Yes and no. We are a band of combat-ready Horde loyalists devoting their abilities to the group and the Horde. We are NOT an army or mercenary guild, but an organized band of Horde-loving fighters of various races and descents.

- Standards (or How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love the RPer)
- Our recruitment standards are fairly strict, and as such, we do not have many, if any, incidents of lore-breaking, godmoding, IC/OOC mixing, or other causes of IC and OOC grief/drama.

(With that, we check potential recruits' knowledge of English, their MRP (/TRP2), and their general RP skills prior to, and during the IC meeting.)

- Interactions and expectations
- As we are mature players, and a group of friends, we do make our fair share of friendly jokes amongst ourselves. While it would be simple enough to say "thick skin required", that doesn't explain what we expect or do in said situations properly. Those who knowingly (or otherwise) cause discomfort in the guild will be spoken to, and if that lacks effect, removed from the guild.

We are a literate and passionate band of roleplayers dedicated to making our members' experiences enjoyable and worthwhile, and we hope that you choose to get in on the fun.

To request an invitation, simply /who Sons of the Horde and send a whisper to whoever's on (even if it's not one of three officers below, we're likely to be on our alts). We can send you an invitation and set up an IC meeting.

Contact Info
Warmaster (Guildmaster) - Tharosh
Officers - Magara, Apostol, Rosdin
Great post Stevie. :)

What I like about the Sons is that the loose premise of being a group of Horde loyalists allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity in the types of characters we can have in the guild. There's room for nearly everyone, so long as "For the Horde!" is your motto. ;)
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RP event tonight.
SotH has dinged level 15! We can now guarantee that returning to your corpse will be as swift and painless as possible!
We have just dinged 16! Congratulations and good job to Sons of the Horde members for their unwavering devotion to this great guild which I now consider to be my own family. Great job Sons of the Horde!
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Mists of Pandaria, as expected, sent our levels through the roof. We're pleased to announce that we are now level 20, and gaining fast. As per the new expansion, we are without a doubt readily accepting pandaren and monks into the guild.
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The Undercity Census, while not an organization to readily declare war, still wish to bring awareness to this event, and ask for a rally cry!

A call to arms in memory and to boast honor to those who shall soon be departed! May they NOT go quietly into the night! May the whole of Azeroth know the might of the Horde! And may the whole of Wyrmrest know and join in giving our farewells to this guild of good people!

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