[H-RP] <Sons of the Horde> wants YOU! {25!}

Wyrmrest Accord
Come on, everybody do the bump!
Awesome group of people. I couldn't ask for a better guild to be in.
Who should we talk to for an invite?
I'll certainly be sending someone a whisper soon.
I give you a hamburger.
Bump. Got nothing else to do :/
narosh y do i nevar c u???????????????????????????????
Bump for 5.1 goodness.
Badabump. Join this guild and be a hero like me!
*kicks to front* Get the hell off page 3!
Facing a dying naaatiooooon.
ty topsail anagrammed to apostil

givin this thread some TLC
fur the herd
bibbidy bobbidy bump
First Bump of the year!

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