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Why did the dwarf ignore me? I have money.
The dwarf wasn't ignoring you, he just doesn't bring people on personally. Jameson is going to bring you onto the caravan I think.

Also I went ahead and named the draenei (pontus) and updated it on this OP. Sorry about that.
08/07/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Alaîn
Also I went ahead and named the draenei (pontus) and updated it on this OP. Sorry about that.

Jolanthel, if you need a way to enter into it, let me know what you have in mind.

If you want to be a roadwarden who we come across in the caravan, that's fine.

If you want to be a a random traveler we stumble upon, that can work.

If you want to be a hunter of a dangerous cult, that can work too, but i'll have to give you more information on where you would fit first lol.
Claimed a spot to add something later, but don't have anything good right now.
Off to bed for the night. I added another post to give you guys something to work with, so figure out how you want to take it.

Anyone who wants to jump in feel free. You can have been part of the caravan up until now (there's about twenty extra people completely unclaimed) or a newcomer joining while we are on the road. If you aren't sure what you want to do just yet, feel free to claim a spot for later, just put a note in it that you want some time to work out your introduction.

Hmm i have a character that would fit for the Cult :P could i perhaps be on the caravan as a spy? if not i have other characters i could use.
The cult thing seems fine by me. The most recent post I made gives away some of the information, but you can take it how you will. If you want to be a member of the cult, let me know so I can give you info on the cult. If you want to be a spy searching out the cult, then expect that you're keeping an eye on Pontus for now. It shouldn't be hard to justify your character having been hidden up to this point
I would like to be a member of the cult just hidden among the others so if you could provide the information on them it would be nice.
I'm kinda curious as to what this cult is, cause I'm debating having Kurena join it or not.
Hey! I was tentative about joining you guys's thread, but I wanted to be sure that another character would be okay to throw in. The one I have in mind is actually a blood elf, but if Horde alignment doesn't matter (because she is a peaceful/neutral character), I would totally love to join in the action here.
If you want to join the cult, here will be the progression of things after it gets the part III (I wasn’t expecting anyone to join the cult to be honest, so some of the things about it aren’t fully fleshed out. It should work fine, though).

1) the caravan will travel for a few more days after finding the body in the tree. If you want to be a cult member this is a good time to introduce your character and how you’re blending in (are you a merchant? Etc). Pontus is the only obvious cult member, right now, but there are others.

2) After a few days, the attack will happen on the road, both from inside and out. Some things will go missing (I won’t go too in depth about details just yet. I want to keep some things back from you guys) and the cult leaders will disappear into the mountains, leaving the broken caravan and a lot of dead behind. If you are a cult member, this is when you disappear, if you aren’t this is where you stay behind.

3) People in the cult or joining the cult will end up in a cave network. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but you can make up your own “recruitment” process for joining. I’ll show you the cult leader later, and he’ll be another NPC you can use.

4) People not joining the cult who want to fight the cult will (hopefully) regroup and go searching after the cult together. Most likely, (because of the random factor!) they won’t find it on the first couple attempts.

5) The cult might find what it’s looking for, and the other group might find the cult before they do, but I don’t know what will happen. I’m hoping we have at least 3 and 3 for the cult hunters and the cultists themselves for a final showdown. And again, we could use as many people as want to join, even if you were never part of the caravan.

6) If you want to discuss where you would fit in or if you want to modify things (nothing I have is set in stone, so if you want something changed to fit your ideas I’m open to suggestions) then feel free to make a character on the server Darkspear horde. My main is Alarinel, and my primary alt is Vanell. Send me an in game mail if you want to set up a time to talk or send a tell if I’m on, because it’s way easier to hash things out in live chat than in forum posts.


oh, and Miletta, so far the wagon is mostly alliance (since it left from Ironforge) but you can easily be pretending to be human (wearing a cloak/disguise) pretty easily, or someone we meet on the road either before or after the attack. Totally up to you.
I've been kinda waiting for Jameson to post, but got tired of waiting so I posted xD
08/09/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Alaîn
oh, and Miletta, so far the wagon is mostly alliance (since it left from Ironforge) but you can easily be pretending to be human (wearing a cloak/disguise) pretty easily, or someone we meet on the road either before or after the attack. Totally up to you.

Excellent! I actually had the idea of having my character tail the caravan with a means for disguise should she need it. I think it will work well to have her more directly involved after the caravan is attacked.
Sorry, I didn't realize my laziness was causing problems lol.

I'll try not to steal post spots unless I actually have something in mind next time.
Is there room for more? I'd love to jump in with my human warrior.
Sure. Go ahead and Jump right in. Either join the caravan or you can have been with it. Totally up to you.

Not right now, but soon, I'm going to add the parts that cause the wagon to get attacked. I'll give a bunch of OOC info about what is getting attacked, and I'll let you guys choose which fight you want to involve yourselves in.

Before that happens, though, I want to get an idea of where you all plan to go. If you want to stay with the caravan and go hunting after the cult, Post that OOC here. If you want to go and join the cult with Pontus and the other spies, also post it here so we can get things situated. I'll add to the OP where people are after it changes so we know where they are going.

Awesome! I'll write up my post when I'm finished my daily's, I'm just going to write him up as having been on the caravan the whole time, just not interacting with anybody, until the body is found.

After he is introduced I plan to stick with the caravan.
I'm going to do a few edits to my post later on tonight when I have the character a little more fleshed out, mostly just some descriptive changes, the content will be the same so feel free to interact.
I updated the OP on this thread to give a better idea of what comes next and who's involved so far. By all means anyone else who wants to join let me know. The location will change as we go, but if you are ever unsure of where your character is at in the progression refer to the first post or ask me, I'll try to keep it fairly well updated.

I also added another progression post, and I'm thinking it will be one more day (day 4) when the caravan is attacked. So give me an idea of where you plan on going. I haven't decided exactly where the cult is going to retreat back to once they have what they are after, so we can feel it out what people want to go with.

Finding the cult is just the beginning.

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