Starting fresh on Proudmoore!

I'm Anthony. Hi. Uh, I heard about the Proudmoore server being the most LGBT friendly server in all of World Of Warcraft. Before I begin, I'm looking for a Welcome Committee if you will to Proudmoore from a LGBT-Friendly guild.

Uh let me tell you a bit about myself :)
I'm Anthony again. I'm gay. I'm 16 years old.
I have a 4.0 GPA :)
I'm pretty mature and I kid around sometimes.
One thing I'm worried about is the whole population size being so large. Will that affect me other than more friends to make? I don't really look forward to working my butt off to buy things in the Auction House..

I'm also still debating Alliance or Horde.

So.. yeah that's it. I'm looking for a helping hand on my fresh start in Proudmoore.
I'm in the same boat dude, only I joined proudmoore just on sheer activity alone. From what I have seen though, you shouldn't have to worry about pricing on the ah. It seems very reasonable compared to pricing on my other realm.
hi my name is...

/sees the age
/runs away

jk but yes! proudmoore is the best place to be for glbt people on horde or alliance. The Taint family of guilds on the horde is massive and always jumping on the horde - BUT outside of Taint it's very dead even if you are straight lol. So I'd reccomend alliance.

I was on the horde since vanilla. It was always kind of dead but is deader and deader it seems. I moved 2 of my characters to PM alliance from horde, and rerolled a druid and mage on the alliance. Still keep a DK in the horde but... the alliance is def easier for a guy like me.

I might be the opposite of you, though. I relish in the massive size. I don't care about making friends, but I do have way more people to have fun and do stuff with. If you like a small guild of the same 5 people staring at each other, you can find that too.

check out the thread I'm going to bump... right.... now... for more info
Alliance is definitely more active, and there are a few good guilds over there. Horde LGBT guilds are dominated by Taint, which is also an 18+ guild from what I have read.
There are good and bad guilds both sides of the fence, but I'd go with the side you feel comfortable with first then look for somewhere to join.
Proudmoore has an extremely active economy and a lot of items go for a lot cheaper than the other realms I play or have played on. No need to worry in that department - If anything the speed of the economy here helps because things sell!
You might run into a bit of competition if you're into actually playing the Auction House but in the long that really a downside? (When you're buying that is.)

The only real issue with large population realms is that when new content is launched it tends to get very very crowded. Molten Front, Darkmoon Faire...mainly daily questing hubs.
The first zone for pandaland will also most likely be packed during the first few days but the activity will actually be more fun than stressful unless you're leveling superduperomgfast.
I'm starting fresh on Proudmoore too!

My main is on Ysondre, so visiting our forums alone should give a rather accurate description of how our server is like in-game.

I heard this server was LGBT friendly, but my primary reason for coming was to be around friendly people whom aren't 24/7 a-holes.
I was 14 when you were born. When did I get so old?

Pay no attention to the dinosaur weeping in the corner alone.
Hi there, Anthony. Welcome to Proudmoore.

Unfortunately, many of the LGBT guilds on the server are at least 18+, however, I quickly browsed the website of the Stonewall Family Meta-Guild ( and found no mention of an age policy, and I'm not entirely sure on how they are organized, but I think it would probably be a good start to check them out if you're looking for a guild. As far as the size of the server, as was mentioned, we have an extremely active economy, and the AH is usually pretty populated, and I've found no trouble making friends here.

Great to have you here, and Happy Adventures,

Jasn, are you checking email on this char in game? Would like to speak to you about Yson.
Hey there! Strangely Ironic is a LGBT friendly guild, but not a LGBT guild. Let me explain the difference. We do have some LGBT members and no one harasses them about it. On the other hand, we don't allow inappropriate usage of GChat, so if you like to flaunt your sexuality and/or use GChat to hook up with other guild members (whether you are straight or not), then our guild is not for you. IF you want a place that wants you as a player and a human being, rather than your sexual preference, then come on over. We don't have a strict age requirement, but we do have a maturity requirement. If you sound like a 10 year old, then we will not allow you to join. We want people who can carry on conversations, play the game effectively, and not offend people with stupid comments.

You can check us out at and drop an app if interested.
Welcome newcomers to the best realm in the game. Most guilds, including mine, are gay welcoming. Many are gay specific, you can often tell by the names. A few are not so welcoming, they're usually more quiet because, frankly, we don't tolerate a lot of bigotry here.

You'll want to choose your guild based on more factors than simply gay friendly, simply because you have plenty of choices. So, there's large guilds and small, raiding, social, pvp or all-in-one. There's clean language and not. Certainly there are Christian guilds, and other religions as well. There's all gay, mixed and all straight. And so on.

The only downside to such a large population is the increased lag coming into MoP, and potential wait times to get onto server once MoP drops.
Plenty of guilds on Proudmoore are GLBT friendly. I'd say it's almost all of them.

Find a guild you like (name is important!)

Make sure they're cool

Talk, be active, make friends, find people you like

Good luck and have fun! Remember WoW is a game!

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