[A] Anguish 11/12 ToT

Who we are:
Our core raiders are a tight knit group that has been playing together for over 5 years, and have experience raiding at a top end level since BC. Our interest in the game declined over the Cataclysm expansion, as most of us decided to take breaks from playing the game after Firelands. But at last we are back and looking to add members to our ranks for MoP and beyond.

Recruitment Needs:
Exceptional players are always considered.

Is a /roll system. However, loot as intended is a progression tool, and that being said will be used as such when the situation arises.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 - 11:00 pm EST
Sunday 7:45 - 11:00 pm EST

What is expected:
-90% raid attendance or better. We understand people have real lives ("Wait what?!?! You have a life outside of WoW you liar!") and that things come up unexpectedly, so if you have to miss a raid here or there it's no big deal. If you can't make a raid try to let someone in the guild know, but as I said if something unexpected arises don't sweat it.

-Knowledge of class. This meaning keeping up to date with latest theory crafting and your classes top performance spec for your role. i.e. dps/healer.

-Proper enchants, gemming and reforging. Know how to get the most out of your character.

What you can expect from us:
-A bunch of sexy mofo's getting things done.
-Laid back raid environment that can get things done without all the "hardcore" attitude. No one likes a douche bag.
-Adult vent conversions. If mature language/themes offend you this isn't the guild for you.

If we knocked your socks off and tickled your pickle while reading this. Please contact Morecowbell or Raizlin in game. You can also visit our website at http://www.facebook.com/anguish.dalaran

Our recruitment application is under NOTES on our main page. Instructions will be provided there. However you will need to be logged into your Facebook to see the application, if you do not have a Facebook or simply do not wish to give out personal information such as your real name, etc... Just hit us up in game.
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Hi, I'm looking for a group to do some raiding with. Will try to contact you guys in game.
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