Looking to be recruited (raf)

As the title says i'm looking to be recruited for raf on would like to level atleast 5+ toons on this realm. Also a few other realms.

What i'm looking for from you is a nice chunk of gold starter bags and all that stuff.

I will purchase my own games and time and all that stuff.

So pretty much whoever has the best offer ill pick you. Make sure you have enough char slots open to level atleast 5 toons on this realm.

25k gold to get you started. Can do as many characters as you want pretty much. Let me know your play times as well.

Oh, my ingame name is Aggrandize. If you wanted to chat there.
Let me know sometime soon if you want to work something out and we can get going. Can easily do 5+ characters as desired.

Good luck regardless.
Really interested. Also have a ton of potential power levelers on one of the game's top realms. Five characters is easily doable. Gold can be discussed if you're interested at all, I' sure we can work out a reasonable price.

Good luck and hope to hear from ya'.

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