Mage/Shaman alt LF RBG group or guild


I recently took a break from WoW and have come back to get ready for MoP and transferred my mage and shaman over to Aman Thul and I am looking for a guild or organised cross guild group that is still running RBGS weekly.

I have vent/skype/mumble and a working mic. Mage has 4.5k resil and is currently frost but happy to go fire (no luck on rath or cunning yet). Shaman alt is resto ms with an ele os currently 4k resil (s11 gear). On my previous server I played my shaman to 1690 in S11 before taking some time off and I have also played a DK/Warrior FC around 1400.

Please contact me in game for more info etc. :)
Posting on Shaman if you want to check gear/exp. Would also consider xferring an ungeared alt (priest/lock/warrior/dk/druid) for preparation for MoP RBGs.
Hey we are looking for more for our rated Bgs can contact me in mail for more info if interested.
Thanks m8 will look for you when I am next online.

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