One day per week weekend guild 3/8H LF2M DPS.

The Awesome Pal Team
Level 14
3/8 Heroic - MOR/YOR/ULT
Flask and Food provided for current tier raids.
Epic Gems and Best enchants provided from guild for Heroic Items.

Our guild started out as 2 couples playing the game casually for fun, as more of our family and extended family and friends started wanting to play with us we kept growing larger. We decided to make a 10 man raid group and raid casually one day on the weekends for a couple hours every week.

We currently have 8 core members. We recently had 2 members of our core raid group unsubscribe from wow right as we were progressing into heroics. They didn't leave on a bad note; they were just getting tired of the game. We would like to continue to progress into heroic content, so we are looking to recruit 2 people to raid with us.

Our normal raid times are either Friday night or Saturday night. We try to start at 9:45PM server time but we understand people have varying work schedules and sometimes we have to start at 10:45PM server time. I try to let everyone know which night we will be raiding by Wednesday or Thursday.

We use a loot council gear distribution rule. Whoever can benefit from the item the most will receive the item, this helps the raid group as a whole instead of a few people getting more loot than anyone else. We do not play any favorites on who gets gear.

We are currently looking to recruit the following.

Ret Paladin main spec with Holy off spec.
Any spec Warlock.
Also willing to consider a shadow priest with a healing off spec.

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