Any vanilla peeps still around

Just started up again a while ago curious to if anyone from back in the day still plays that i may know.

I played with a lot of people from NvM , Ret, EoA, Hidden, Balance, Butchers, Security, Pyre (proven) TG, Aurora and moree.
There are still some of us old guard around, but right now everyone is in a holding pattern until this terrible xpac is over. You will probably start seeing a lot more older faces start showing up again at the start of next month.
Agreed with asher a lot of people took a break from cata, TG most of its members bailed off the server begining of 4.3. Aurora /ret they all bailed a LONG time ago
Yup, still kickin. Used to be horde back then though. :)

As for NvM, they just bailed last month to Stormrage.
Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years.
We may have crossed paths at some point.
Whiteleaf , chicken still play at all?

Ya when ret transfered i didn't go.

I rolled horde on another server for a change of scenary
Everyone always asked about Chicken/Sapphire. They're both retired. About a 0.5% either comes back for MoP - I get the sense they're both very happy and have moved on from WoW.
Aww fair enough
Been here since day one
O damn meggle we were in Even Horizon together I think
08/06/2012 11:48 PMPosted by Tiggerlove
O damn meggle we were in Even Horizon together I think

EH was defo my first raiding guild. :) Your name is unfamiliar though.

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