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Moon Guard
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General Information

Who are we?

Salvation is a long standing roleplay and raiding guild on Moon Guard. We just celebrated our four year mark on August 6th, 2012. The guild has been an active part of the MG community since it first was founded. Our numbers have grown over time and the retention rate of members staying is extremely high. We house some of the most unique players all part of various storylines, raid and PvP teams.

What do I gain joining Salvation?

When joining our guild, you will be welcomed by a variety of different people. All from casuals, raiders, PvPers and RPers! As a member, you will enjoy the level 25 perks the guild has to offer. Achievements for the guild offer all kinds of mounts, pets and heirlooms for your picking. On top of the guild perks, you are also opened to banking privileges and various raiding perks such as free gems, enchants and ect.

Above all else, you get to be part of a very special family here at Salvation. Meeting all types of individuals who are not only there to help you, but be your friend as well.


Three years ago, Venita had an idea. The wicked woman she had become grew tired of the constant grief, sorrow and anger fueled through her life. Something needed to change. She needed to find another path. Embarking on her own journey, she was blessed to have the chance in being offered something amazing. Though the chance came at the worse time, she figured for all it was worth, it was time to make the leap of faith.

The death of her adoptive daughter and cold remarks of her grieving from people within Stormwind made Venita open her eyes to the world around her. Things were growing bad. People were unusually more upset, cruel and down right nasty. Even the Cathedral felt like a prison.

During the time all of these things were dawning on Venita, she gained the clarity to push forward with a new movement. A movement that began as simple speeches, but busted into full blown rallies packing the halls of the Cathedral. Her message was simple. Give back to the people, provide a home for those to rest their heads and express their woes. And above all else, give those wicked as she once was a second chance.

Salvation fostered hundreds of people through the time by helping them pick up the pieces of their life. While time has been cruel to the order, it still stands and Venita works everyday to do as she once did. Bring the very mantra to the gates of Stormwind and see the rise of her order once more.

For them, saving others was just as important as saving themselves.


Over the past three years, Salvation has taken full flight on being part of the raiding scene. Back in Lich King, we were one of the top running 10man strict teams and blew through progression pretty easily. We were tagged for some of the firsts of achievements and kills as a 10man strict team.

As it stands now, we have completely cleared all T11, T12 and T13 content on normal modes. Our team make up is as followed:

Tanks - Paladin, Warrior
Healers - Monk, Paladin,
DPS - Warrior, Mage, Mage, Paladin and Moonkin


Guardians of Mogu'shan Normal: 4/6
The Vault of Mysteries Normal: 0/6

Are we recruiting? For Healer and stand-ins.

Raid days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8PM - 11PM server time or CST.

We expect those of you applying for a position on the raid team are ready with your A game. All raiders must bring all appropriate items to the table such as flasks, potions, food, knowledge of the fight and readiness to tackle through progression. If you fail to bring your A game, you will be reconsidered for a more casual position within the guild.

Something else worth noting is when you join the raid team, you are on a two week trial period. What does this mean to you? It means we reserve the right to give gear, patterns and ect to our more established members. This is just to protect the assets of the guild as we have unfortunately come across players to abuse our very open roll policy to acquire loot, then leave for other pastures.

We are NOT here to gear you up for other guilds.

Though we are extremely casual, we take raiding very seriously. If you cannot bring the basics of raiding to the table, you have no business contacting us about it. We are not here to play your game, nor are we even here to coddle you when you make mistakes. The raid team needs dependable, quick and stable raiders. If you have issues taking criticism, showing up and/or researching fights, then you really have no business raiding with anyone.


At the current time of this post, Salvation does not PvP as a guild. All doings in relation to it are on the player's own time. We house some skilled PvPers looking to BG with others in the guild, but there is no further push to expand on this aspect of the game.
Contacting Salvation

If you feel Salvation is the right choice for you, there are various outlets of getting a hold of us.

First and foremost, you can always apply at the guild website.

The site may look dead, but the guild is not. We have not enforced using the website since it was made given to the guild making a few transitions.


You may also go as far to speak to someone in game and/or apply through in game mail. My officers are as followed: Avaruu, Onieros, Riaan and Lotham.

I am also available for contact, however, I am a very busy person with all the various projects I lead on the server. Not to mention, I generally go afk for long periods of time due to working out of game on videos, blogs and ect.

We also have an email you are welcomed to hit us up at, just ask for it in game from myself.

On a closing note, we look forward to all future recruits. We thank you for taking the time to read over the recruitment thread and consider us as one of your options. Do not feel shy to bother any of us in game, even our members can help direct you in the right place.
Salvation and Mists of Pandaria

What can you expect from Salvation come MoP?

Plenty is the right answer. Not only are we going to be jumping into the RP scene actively again, but our raiding will pick back up. With a new expansion, we hope to bring in more people in our already large family.

How will raiding work for Salvation during MoP?

Just like it always has. We are reforming our 10man team completely and I am looking to have us raid two days a week for up to three hours. Reasonable time for progression and experience through the content. You should expect the days to be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7PM - 10PM server, but these days and times are subject to change assuming the group needs other days or early/later times. One thing to note is we are flexible and with enough warning, we can change things around.

Roleplay is going to take off again, what will be the stance of the guild?

We are still maintaining our roots with Salvation. The guild was founded as a safe house for those in trouble and looking for a new life, but with this expansion, the guild is going to evolve from its old neutral stance and go into heavier pro-Alliance events. This may put us in a position to explore RP-PvP, but we are not sure.

Are pandas going to be welcomed right off the bat?

Yes, the only time Salvation has ever felt wary about the new races/classes was with Death Knights and that since has past.

Salvation and Insurmountable Odds

I felt I needed a little section on the relationship with IO and the guild. As so many know, when we went on break with the 10man team a few of us floated over to IO to give them a try as well. It comes as really no surprise that we were received well and welcomed into the group. The two groups have always had a great relationship and one can tell by looking at our guild line up, a lot of IO folks call Salvation home.

.. Which causes some confusion.

Constantly, I am asked if Salvation is doing 25mans. No, we are and will not raid 25s as a guild. However, the guild is likely to pick up 25man achievements depending on how many Salvation folks are in the raid on a given raid night. IO is a collation team where no one is pressured to join their guild and this is a positive to so many looking to raid, but wanting to stay within their current guilds be it for RP or OOC reasons.

Though IO is not recruiting anymore raiders for this current content, those looking to join IO have been sent to Salvation for a home. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is to introduce those interested in the team to the other raiders already in the guild. As a benefit, you get to meet, talk and hang out with your future raiders if you choose to pursue a spot with IO.

Please keep in mind, if you are looking to raid with IO you will be subjected to their terms of raiding recruitment. We differ in how we handle our teams, so what is written for Salvation's 10man is not written for IO's 25man. Always check with the officers/leads of IO for information on their raid recruitment/loot rules/ect.
Furiously, Venita packed some of her clothes and stormed out the manor ensuring the door slammed shut behind her. Dramatic? Sure. Justified? Completely. She was so tired of hearing everyone in the manor blame her for anything and everything they could. Poor Otodo, still a guest in her home, had to sit by and watch the woman he started to see as a leader leave in a fit of emotions. Though he was compelled to go after her, he did not. Perhaps it was better for her to go out and clear her head.

It is after all what his brother Riaan and sister Isidoras had suggested she should do.

Outside, Venita couldn't even think straight or settle on where to go. She made it this far and if she turned around now, it meant even more she was a failure among the people she loved. With a huff, she selected her netherdrake and jumped into its saddle. "Ride," Venita commanded and the drake set off in a hurry. Without any direction, the drake flew around aimlessly over Northrend before deciding to head south away from the Eastern Kingdoms completely. During this time, Venita had drifted into a slumber and cared very little as to where her drake was headed.

She started to dream of a forest. Lush trees touching the skies, rays of sunshine peeking through the branches and the cool shade sheltering her from any harm. Naturally, a forest would be filled with critters lurking and preying. They should be watching her every move, but in this world she was all alone. It is how most of her dreams ended up. Venita standing somewhere remote and isolated away from the real world she knew. There were always reminders of yesterday and today littered in front of her to lead her to an idea for tomorrow, but such detailed dreams were a thing of the past. Now, she simply stood alone in this forest without a clue where to go and no path to lead her out.

It was a lousy and somewhat miserable dream.

Hours passed and she finally jerked herself out of the state she was in. Her emotions had settled some and she found herself flying over the hot Barrens. This was different as she expected her drake to carry her to a usual spot, but its change of path inspired Venita to figure out where she wanted to go. She left the manor behind for a reason; To not be found and fix herself without anyone interfering or trying to suppress her.

But where on Kalimdor was she to hide out at? Feralas would give her away as it is where she gave birth to her daughter and anyone with half a brain would go looking for her in spots that meant most. Silithus had too much sand and corruption she wanted to stay away from. The Exodar was an option, but again another place that held meaning for her. As she continued to pick through the places available in her mind, she quickly found reasons to not go there.

The netherdrake soared high above the border of the Barrens and Stonetalon mountains. In the distance, Venita's blue eyes spotted a sea of green grass beyond the red hills and dusty plains. Commanding her drake, it made a nosedive into an area barely touching the lands of Mulgore. As he landed, she took a deep breath in and realized this was the place.

Today, she was to unpack her things and make do with what she had to stay comfortable. There were no strong Vindicators to protect her or Worgen to keep her from being harmed. Out here, she was alone like in her dream and this is what she wanted. There was nothing more satisfying than knowing that she was and she faintly smiled at this.

Patting the drake, it simply turned away from her to rest nearby on a small hill. She had taken it upon herself to be build a campfire, then setup her tent and sent herself on a small hunt to catch small critters to sate her hunger through the night. She knew she needed to eat before the morning sun came because tomorrow would be the moment of truth.

Would she pick up the pen and begin to write her famous speeches? Or map out her plan of action to introduce herself back into a community she fell out of? Could she bring herself to move past what she felt were her faults to make amends for yesterday to inspire for a better tomorrow?

Only time would tell and in this moment, Venita had plenty of it.
Happy berfday!
08/06/2012 12:01 AMPosted by Ornsharpaxe
Happy berfday!

Thanks. ;)


Visethia keeps telling me to join again, but I'm not on Taedius all that much. wat do.
Happy Birthday Salvation. :-] I celebrated with you folks on your first and second! :O I missed the third. O.o How time flies!
Time really does fly by.

08/06/2012 05:22 AMPosted by Taedius
wat do.

Join anyways and hang out because you are precious and cute.
hooray and grats for sticking around for four years
/hugs Veni and Vestha
Are you just looking for hardcore raiders?
08/06/2012 08:18 AMPosted by Systar
Are you just looking for hardcore raiders?

Nope, we take in everyone. Casuals, raiders and RPers alike.

ps thank you everyone
I wasn't in Salvation for long, but all the people there are super awesome and adorable and cool.

Except Lotham.

He's grumpy all the time.
/Gives cake.

/Orders the guild to get down on all fours and prepare for Birfday SPANKINGS!
grandma is posting on her druid thats in the guild because she can ok.

Congratulations on four years, Salvation!

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