Ohcrap, how am I going to get this DK to 85..

Death Knight
So I am trying to get all my toons up to 85. Getting ready to start this DK back up and I have no idea where to begin.

I think last I played him I was trying to be a tank... but really, I don't even want to PvE anymore.

Any suggestions for a spec to choose to get to 85?

I just did my priest and leveled 80-82 all PvE. lvl 83 instances and PvP. lvl 84 PvE for the gear and gold.

I am traditionally a RDruid, mainly PvE but I am soooo burnt on PvE all I want to do is PvP.

Any little tips would be great.
Just suck it up and tank random dungeons imo.
yup. spend the 2k or so gold it will take to gear out in cata greens and go pwn things in pvp. It is worth every penny. I do it on every character I level.
Step 1. Kill things.
Step 2. ???
Step 3. 85! Yay!

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