Trade diablo 3 gold for wow gold

have 1.5mil diablo gold. and full immortal king, plus other barb gear. (have beat whole game) i dont play anymore and looking for wow gold.
Msg me ingame and we can work something out.
sure. just got done work. will be on for a bit
I too have 8.9 mil gold with 2 pieces of blackthorne gear (mostly int based) that i'm trying to get rid of.
pls dont troll -.-
Not trolling >_> Someone had a thread so why not post on it that i'm also trying to get rid of D3 stuff?
Kage how much :)
I would like to trade WOW gold for D3 Gold or items.. pst to me in Diablo
Also looking to trade wow gold for d3 gold :) have 60k to trade

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