[H]<Bad Wolf> 8/8H 10M Recuiting for MoP


<Bad Wolf> (8/8 HM) is looking to expand the roster for our 10 man team in Mists of Pandaria.

Raid Times

Saturday 7-11pm server
Sunday 7-11pm server

About us

Our Bad Wolf raid team started near the end of T11 content from a group of like minded players looking to down tough content on a relaxed schedule. We take pride in the fact that we were one of the top guilds on Twisting Nether while only raiding two days a week.

- One Healer - Priest, Shaman, Monk
Exceptional players of any class welcome!

What you should know before contacting us

We are looking for applicants ready to step into heroic raids and who are properly gemmed/reforged/specced.

We expect you to have logs for us to evaluate in order determine whether or not you should be a potential candidate for our team.

We expect you to know everything about all fights heroic and non-heroic as well as how to optimally play your class on each encounter.

Who to contact

If you are interested in joining, please contact Everek, Starfy, Selisé, Gohzer, or Decient in game via whisper or mail or visit http://bad-wolf.guildlaunch.com to apply.
wtb friends
Welcome to Korgath and I approve of the guild name. Good luck in Mists. Bow ties are cool btw.
Thanks Brightstar! We're happy to be here.
Welcome to Korgath :)
Still looking for new friends!
WTB friends pst.
I spoke with you earlier in the week.

We are still looking. If you find a way to fit a holy palli and I both in, we are yours!

Lillymeow is my healer.
LF DPS and 2 tanks
LF tanks
I approve of this guilds name.

Also this name may be for sale.
Bump for new recruitment needs
Bump for my new server/guild mates!


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