WoW movie gets a new writer!

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Sam Raimi may no longer be directing the World of Warcraft movie, but that doesn’t mean that Legendary Entertainment has given up on the film. The studio has reportedly hired Charles Leavitt to write a new script for the project with the hope of attaching a new director in the next few months.

Leavitt most recently scripted The Seventh Son for Legendary, an adaptation of the popular fantasy book The Spook’s Apprentice. That film, which stars Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) started shooting earlier this year.

Variety was the first to report that Leavitt had signed on for World of Warcraft. A previous draft of the screenplay was written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), but it’s unlikely that any of the former work will be carried over in the new draft.

Leavitt’s hiring is the first bit of good news the movie has had in a long time. An accomplished screenwriter with multiple high-profile movies under his belt, including the excellent 2008 film Blood Diamond, Leavitt may be able to provide the spark the film needs to attract another A-List director. When Raimi dropped off the project, it was surely a disappointment for the studio. There aren’t many directors of Raimi’s stature out there, but a fresh start may be just what this movie needs to finally get going.

Though there have been mixed opinions about the merits of a World of Warcraft film (including doubts from this writer), it would be impossible to argue that the massively popular video game doesn’t offer tons of interesting plot possibilities. Granted, the source material isn’t up to the caliber of The Lord of the Rings, but any fan of the series can probably list a dozen possibilities off the top of their head.

There is going to be a WoW movie O_O
Sadly, I see the movie ruining WoW.
I see it having massive witch craft everyone is a witch, I see it having tons of stuff thats not in WoW etc.
I think blizz should just have their centimatic team make the movie...
Good move, Blizzard. Sam Raimi was constantly putting other projects in front of this one - just kept putting the movie off as if it wasn't important. Perhaps now, we may actually see this movie become a reality! :)
The only reason I'm not going insane with impatience while waiting for this film to happen is because Avatar was an amazing film and it took many years to make. And I think this Warcraft movie will be the same. Yes it's process has been slow, and they're running into hiccups regarding writers and directors yadayada - and it will probably take a few more years for them to get it out there, but that just means the end result will be a kick !@# film. :)

I must admit that I'd be a bit disappointed if they used real life actors. Having read through many on-line discussions concerning this Warcraft film I have found that the majority of WoW Players voice the exact same thing. The reason I would be disappointed is because I am very fond of the WoW/Warcraft cinematics due to the fact that they look absolutely amazing.
I could very much enjoy a film that is made to the same quality as those cinematics.
12/02/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Goobys
I must admit that I'd be a bit disappointed if they used real life actors.

Pretty sure it was confirmed somewhere that it was live action. Also, plot supposedly takes place between the end of TFT and the start of vanilla WoW.
If I were making the movie, it would focus only on Tauren. :)
technically it would be a Warcraft movie, because WoW is based around your character it would be kinda odd seeing the main guy in the movie named Retbull or something else, to be honest i would love to see a movie based on the Warcraft lore
The movie is a lie.
There is no doubt this movie can be a scary nightmare for any writer. Having said that, this movie is an open ticket to creativity and endless possibilities considering how in depth this story goes. I personally think a movie is the natural growth for such a wonderful game, story and yes life experience for alot of us. Some say, just a game, but many know the truth, it's a life experience.
Warcraft has a great story. I actually like it better than Lord of the Rings. Always have.

I think that a Blizzard animated movie would do it the best justice, though.

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