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I am currently selling all profession kits Alliance side. All kits are done according to wow-professions. I've sold quite a few sets and all transactions go smoothly. Pst me in-game or post here if interested. If im not online, please post here as i could be watching this thread but playing a different toon etc., prices are listed below.

Jewelcrafting-15k *Only goes to 495, as per Wow-professions.com
First Aid-2.5k
What?!?! No cooking? :) I'll try and catch you in-game. I have a couple alts I need to get a profession leveled up on.
Bump, 2 jc and an eng kit sold yesterday.
Definently a good buy if you looking for a profession or to be financially relevant AT ALL next expansion. Really good guy, gave me ETAs on when to be online contacted me on my numerous alts, fast efficient etc etc

Thanks for the Alch, still gotta work on the rest of it!

Bump, BS, Alch and 2 JC kits sold. Get your profs up to 525 before mop!
Bump, Added Leatherworking kits now as ive got an alt with skinning finally. Also, im starting MoP preorder kits. Details below

-I will hold the kit for you until MoP releases, so if you want it for a monk it wont take up space in your bank.
-You'll get it on release day, modified to fit any changes done to the way professions are levelled.
-Only selling 5.
-For the base cost of materials, no extra labour charge, i will change the kit from 1-525 to 1-600.
I'll buy an engineering one off you. Message me in game ASAP
Bump up. Alch, Enchanting and Jc kits sold. Still selling kits and taking pre-orders!
got an Engineering kit from him. Was wicked. 525 engineering ftw.
Bumpin up, Eng, 2 Jc and 2 Enchanting kits sold.
need get u in game, missing numerous things, already bought two rods u didnt give me, but i need a arcanite rod now which is expensive etc, missing a few greater nethers i believe.
Contacted him, problem solved. Still looking for mop preorders
I would like to buy an engineering kit and a jewelcrafting kit plz.
i'll be on for most of the night. hit me up on either this character or Zinrohk, my warrior alt
Bump up
do you sell kits for people whose toons have some levels already or only 1-525.

asking about only buying about level 100-150 and up for inscription
Contact me ingame we can work something out.

Also currently selling 1 Blacksmith kit at cost, need to level an alts mining. ^^ hit me up in game if interested
Been trying to get in touch with you for a BS kit. Catch me in-game...
Hey guys, kit prices updated for 5.0.4, im back in business now, had quite a bit of rl stuff to go through. I currently have an alch and enchant kit in stock, also taking orders on kits.

Mohel ive got you added in game ill try to contact you whenever possible.

My battle tag is Rad#1861, add me to see me on all alts. or add zerosanity and Zinrohk to see me on my two main toons.
You still alive?

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