★H★Midnight Paradox★Recruiting - PvP Officer★

Midnight Paradox is simi hardcore raiding guild home to all types of WoW players.

We have a large casual base, spanning all levels, running dungeons and having fun. At this time we run 2 10 man raiding groups in H DS.

But our PvPers need some love! We are currently looking for a PVP Officer.
The Position would include: Recruitment, Scheduling, Running RBGs, Promoting/maintaining PVP ranks, and communicating the needs of the PVPers to the GM.

Also note - that this would be YOUR team. In no way are you required to take anyone you do not wish too, but the ultimate goal is to build a Midnight Paradox RBG team. We have many players, but promoting anyone to PVP rank would be at your discretion.

For more info please goto:
We are still looking to fill this spot

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