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Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I bought a new 1gb GT 440. It ran wow really smoothly on pretty much ultra settings. Just the other day and still now, I've noticed that its 'slowed' down as in, I'm getting frame rate drops and quite often yet, I have not changed a thing via the card or the graphic settings for wow. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on to what may be happening?
I got a nvidia gts 450, my frams are working just fine but all a sudden EVERYTHING is glitching out, sometimes. its like its picking and choosing when to work. D3 works just fine, as do other games and movies on my computer. I'm starting to get desperate been 3 days now and some places in wow, tol barad especially make me want to vomit looking at the screen because some texture keep flickering out and in and non static items move around.

lets find out wow suddenly doesnt support the older cards and they just shrug and say oh well i hope they let me opt out of my year commitment i dont want to pay for a broken game.
Heya guys

08/05/2012 02:23 AMPosted by Yjana
OP, is a computer restart solving it for you

No its not. I even unisntalled all of my drivers, reinstalled and made sure they were updated. I can still play ok but, its just these frame rate drops and I'm not understanding why. It mainly happens when I'm moving and looking around. Perfect rate to now no so perfect which is kind of frustrating seeing I only bought it a few weeks ago.

08/05/2012 03:35 AMPosted by Nainen
EVERYTHING is glitching out, sometimes.

How do you mean? I'm not seeing anything too bad at all, just loss of framerate. I played Tol Barad not too long ago and its definitely playable...just not perfect like it was. Perhaps something changed on their end?
Oh and on a side note I even went as far as turning down the graphics in game which, has had no change.
Ok well, I think it did work better after a restart but, not for long. Its possibly now running worse than my old 8600GT
Its hard to describe my glitches without getting really specific but basically, think of stormwind....or orgrimmar, whatever hordie, and the ground turns all blue and you can see surface textures like rocks and grass above the blue but the ground is gone. And building's walls disappear and you see like the mountains behind them through them. Anything non static flickers so people signs banners mobs herbs, anything they show up and poof/flicker. And the odd bit is it snot everywhere, like it was really bad in the mage district but the trade dist was fine, then i went back to mage to see if it fixed itself but the mage dist was still bad and going back to the trade district made that bad too.
Those of you that aren't the original poster are probably best off creating your own thread if you're seeking assistance. Trust me - it's a lot easier to help you guys out that way! :)

Talmanes, that card definitely isn't going to handle ultra settings at a playable framerate, especially when you're in densely-forested areas or there are several other players around. That said, the fact that the framerate seems to be highly inconsistent points to a possible issue with heat. You can use HWMonitor to check out your temperatures.

Temperatures exceeding 70C are rather warm, and anything above 90C points to an immediate issue. Still, I do believe that the problem is going to be an underpowered GPU being given too much to do.

There are also a few other things you can do to make sure your performance is top-notch, though. You'll want to be on the latest drivers of course, but you can also enable DirectX 11 mode in the advanced game settings. That could net you a fairly large performance boost. Since you mentioned you're running "pretty much ultra", I would also recommend turning shadows down a notch or two if they're maxed out. They stress even the most powerful of systems.
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Thanks for the suggestion Kodiack, I do have my own thread just been posting my issue around hoping others might know if they having issues too.
Hi Kodiack,

firstly, thank you for taking the time to look into my issue :) I downloaded HWMonitor and found that my computer IS running hot. I'm not sure why however, all the fans are working and this hasn't been a problem up until a few days ago. As for the GPU, I do believe I have to upgrade it (seeing as I haven't since upgrading the card). Looks like my problem is solved.

On a side note, I have had a look at my graphics settings under advanced and noticed that I cannot select DirectX 11. It only has 9 available. Should I have directx 11 as an option? I am running XP so maybe I cannot.

Once again, I thank you for your time :)

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