<Culture Shock> We're Finally Going Horde

Dear Hyjal,

After careful consideration, we've decided that Culture Shock is going to transfer to the Horde side of the server. We are 8/8H, and plan on being competitive in MoP progression. To that end, we're looking for some Horde toons to bolster our raid group and get some group cohesion before MoP hits.

We're looking for Ranged DPS, Healers, and Healers with DPS offspecs to add to our raid group. Days and times for raiding will be determined once we switch sides, however we are leaning towards weekend raiding.

Please be 18+, and have at least 6/8H experience in Dragon Soul. Contact me through the forums or on Alliance side for the next 2 weeks or so. After that, we'll see you in Org.
2 shadow priests and potentially more interested.
Welcome to the dark side :)
As I type this I'm the only person left in Ironforge. These are dark days for Alliance on Hyjal.
Update #1:

Currently looking for one ranged DPS to finalize our raid group. We are considering the following classes:

Elemental Shaman (Resto OS preferred, but not necessary)
Warlock (any spec, please be proficient with multiple specs)
Shadow Priest (must be proficient with one healing OS, either Holy or Disc)

Proposed raid days will be Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Proposed raid times will be from 5-10 server.

Days and times are still subject to change until we get our raid group settled.
I would make your entire guild race change to Troll but that's just me.
[A] (for now) Culture Shock will be switching to Horde sometime around August 17th, about !@#$ing time if you ask me.
Still looking for a couple capable rdps to fill out our roster. message Deathvving, Berelyte, or Xarrc/Xeru in game for more details.
i love you for taking sardor to the horde!
Update #2:

We've currently filled our raid team and are now open for anyone looking for a guild to join. When we get the required numbers, we will be organizing alt runs for Heroic DS. Will also be considering toons in the alt runs to replace people in the progression raid based on performance and attendance.

The official guild transfer will happen the weekend of August 18th. We'll see you in Orgrimmar soon!
08/12/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Berelyte
We'll see you in Orgrimmar soon!

Just wanted to say that Math is looking forward to having another 10man horde guild and hope that switching will allow you guys a better environment to grow!
Thanks Hax, very much appreciated. It'll be fun to see the raids from a new perspective. We may be looking to pug in a few toons from other guilds while we get settled. We'll keep in touch and see if you guys can't give us a leg up :P
and We are now horde!
Welcome to the horde side!! Have you decided on raid times for your guild yet? My husband (asmodaus, warlock) and I are looking to raid for MOP since our current guild has decided to play casually. We are 6/8H DS and both well geared. Since he gets up early for work m-f, looking to raid no later than 11CST (9 server). Please let us know! Thanks! :)


We currently have our main group raid on Friday from 5-9ish server, and we have our alt raid run on Sunday at the same times.

Come MoP, we'll probably have our main group raid Friday and Saturday from 5-9 server, giving us an extra day to work on new raid mechanics, etc.

If you are still interested please feel free to contact me in game. Also, whispering any Culture Shock member can get you in touch with one of my officers, who can extend you a ginvite at your leisure. Thanks for the interest!


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