Sindragosa Sleeve Tattoo: Complete!

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After 36 hours, I finally have the blasted thing finished. A full left sleeve tat of Sindragosa with an Icecrown theme behind her. It was an entirely fun process and have to thank my artist heavily for pretty much nailing the design without ever playing the game :p

Again, positive feedback, negative feedback, I enjoy them both so don't hold back.

I think my goal is to get an admin to comment this XD
Oh gosh that looks painful! But very nice. I bet it was well worth the pain ^_^
Your artist did an amazing job. Even if I didn't play WoW, I'd still dig it.
XD haha it had its unbearable moments. But it's just something you have to muscle through.

Thank you very much!
Freaking sweet! :D

Love it!
That is a FANTSATIC tattoo!
Pretty nice man.
Thats amazing! Now get Deathwing on your other arm, Illidans blades on your back, and then I will preach to you like a god.
That's really kickass.
I think my favorite part would be the Val'kyr. The only downer is that it's under my elbow where you don't really see it much.
when i first read the topic i thought to myself, omg are you serious? but now that i see it, thats a pretty nice ink job and design, well done
Nice tattoo Matt.
08/07/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Manbullpig
Nice tattoo Matt.

lol well Matt's the artist, but thank you :p
Awesome tattoo! Just hope you don't grow to regret it. That's always been my fear!

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