[A]Hunter LF Weekend Guild for MoP

Burning Legion
About me:

  • Just xferred here to play with a good friend of mine.
  • Started playing WoW in Dec 2006, played the crap out of tBC - end game raider t5/t6 (the good ol' days)
  • Raided in Wrath on and off, did stuff like Sarth3d (10 and 25) prenerfs, Ulduar drake, Tribute to Insanity, etc etc.
  • This is the only toon I've ever used as my main, and the only one I ever plan to raid with.
  • I travel during the week for work and most of the time on terrible HOTEL internet. Rarely will you see me on Mon-Thurs
  • 24, male, mature (most of the time)
  • Mountain Time
  • good internet, pc, have vent/mumble/ts, etc
  • I play other games beside WoW - CS:Source, SC2, etc.
  • I do not enjoy PvP, I play this game for PvE

  • About you:

  • Weekend Warriors, as I stated I can NOT commit to weekday raids.
  • 18+ this can be flexible but I rather not play with 15/16 year olds (no offensive to the youngings)
  • flexible to people's lives. Don't crucify me if for whatever reason I can't make a weekend of raiding (even if I give advance warning)
  • easy going, if someone messes up in a raid then call them out thats fine, but any screaming, negative nancies I can not tolerate, I've done it before - never again
  • (optional)prefer 10s but 25s is ok too
  • (optional) Would like to raid with some of the old guard who raided in Vanilla/tBC

  • Basically, I know the drill, if I'm not going to make a raid I'll give 24h prior notice unless of course its an emergency. I know about the countless wipes when learning a new fight. not to RQ after 3-4 wipes. I've farmed for resistance gear, etc etc etc etc etc

    Also to note, as you can see my current gear blows. I just renewed my WoW acct last week and I don't plan to do any serious raiding until MoP unless I get a tempted offer. so hmu

    inb4 TLDR, here ya go.
    Experienced Hunter LF Weekend Guild

    EDIT: fixed a few errors because I'm le tired.

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