60 twink, BGS not popin

I recently have made a lvl 60 twink, when i turn XP off the ques for a random bg just say "Unavailable" i waited out 1 hour.. and nothing. what gives!
ur too fat for bgs
08/08/2012 01:21 AMPosted by Peaced
ur too fat for bgs

Either that, or you arnt strong enough to carry the fatties that already litter the bracket.
I don't understand
dude they are being !@#$%^-s, the reason BGs dont pop is because this lvl bracket, 60-64, is dead no one in it queues anymore, i.e. no BGs
lvl to 70 queues are 2-10 mins all day everyday.
level to 70
08/08/2012 07:30 AMPosted by Zephinism
did you roll human pally by any chance? or was it human rogue? perhaps a human mage?

08/08/2012 06:24 AMPosted by Moonkinx
I don't understand

If you want BGs constantly, 70 is your best bet.

Just get ready for lots or rogues, lots of frost mages, lots of 74 hunters, rogues and frost mages, any class with tazik and constant complaining on horde side because alliance has 6 rogues 4 of which with glaives.
Maybe they will start popping soon now that the pandaria has came out and people are settling in.

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