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09/18/2012 10:44 AMPosted by Minerals


I kid :p

I love new warlocks...
Goodbye Dragonsoul!
free bump :) Looking forward to seeing you guys in MoP!
Adios T13, you won't be missed.
09/14/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Muxx
I'm not too late am I?

Dinner is in the fridge. I'm dissapointed in you!

I'm sorry! I had to work late and stuff :(
bump-dee-bump! LFM!
down boy!
Our recruiting needs have slightly changed. See below for details:

Death Knight (DPS): High
Druid (Balance): High
Druid (Resto): Low
Hunter: High
Mage: High
Paladin (Ret): Medium
Shaman (Elemental): High
Warlock: High
Is your need for hunters still considered high? Came back for MoP and have my hunter at 90, working on heroic gearing. No one else I played with in Cata is still around, so I'm looking for a home. Veteran raider, very reliable, and work my tail off to make sure I'm at the points I need to be.

Would love to apply, just don't want to waste my time if the need is not there. I'll check back in a bit!
I'm not the recruiting officer but I believe we are still looking for a hunter or two. We had a couple hunter trials, though one just disappeared on us. We start raiding on Wednesday and the current issue we are encountering with people apping is that they are not level 90 and/or not geared to be ready to raid Wednesday. If you are level 90, close to (or working toward) pre-raid bis gear, and know your class inside and out (all three specs), then we'd love to have you app!
Hmm. I just hit 90 yesterday and started working on heroics. I'm definitely working toward getting the gear needed. But, with long dps queue times and no gear dropping, I can't guarantee I'd be raid ready on Wednesday.

My hunter definitely needs some work. Including professions. I'll app and see what happens.
Yes, we're looking for a few more DPS, including a Hunter. I encourage you to get in contact with myself, Liakalol, Sulfonic, or really anyone in Static, and we'll run you through some dungeons to not only assist you with some gear, but to gauge your ability.

Look forward to hearing from ya.

P.S. Recruiting needs have been updated on the OP.
Looking forward to seeing your app! I know a few of us are still running heroics trying to get those last few pieces of gear to drop. You might be able to get in some runs with guildies (get quicker queues) as it provides a good opportunity for us to also evaluate your skills prior to raid. Mention it in your app and see what people say. I know I'll be on later tonight after I get out of class (8-9pm server time) and will be running a few more dungeons.
We start raids today! yay
Good luck with the raid. =)
3/16 on our first night back at raiding!

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