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Moon Guard
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*A Dwarf clad in Ironforge armor stands alone in The Commons of Ironforge. He takes a moment to note his surroundings… Empty.

It’s time for a change.

He makes his way towards the gates with Brom, his faithful ram, by his side. As he steps out into the frigid air, he slowly reaches his hand back to his right hip where a hollowed Dragon’s horn is sheathed. He wets his lips, and presses it to them, releasing a seemingly endless, booming tone. Before he can place the horn back in its holster, a legion rams arrive to stand next to him, each with a Dwarf sitting proudly atop. Beards of all colors and banners all different in size and shape answer the call. Do you?*

They say Ironforge has fallen into a slumber along with her King. They say that the clans will never be true kin again. They say Dwarves will never as powerful as they once were; that they cannot best The Lohn’goron. They say a lot of things. But we say Ironforge has just awoken from her slumber, and soon will her King. We say that the clans have become united once again under our banner. We can say that Thanes combat Warseers and are victorious.

I, Thanror Dragonbane, Thane of The Dwarven Vanguard, have sounded the horn, and call for all Dwarves who wish for the betterment of their race to answer it and enlist into the ranks of the elite. We of The Dwarven Vanguard remember our predecessors of The Mountain Guard, and strive to stay true the goals it held. We defend our lands from those who seek to destroy it, as well as take to hooves, wings, and sails to bring the fight to the Horde.

We will no longer let Ironforge slumber, empty. We will…

…Answer the Call.
The Dwarven Vanguard is a level 25 heavy RP-PvP military-style guild. We accept any class of the Dwarven race (level 20+ 62+ DKs) and strive to bring our best to the table at all times, whether that be RP, PvP, or PvE, we do it all.

In terms of events, we’re starting to hold many different types of events from all three main aspects of the game, such as:
Brewing/Drinking contests
Ram racing
Training events w/ commands, formations, and marching.
D&D style RP missions assigned by Council from concerned citizens/informed clients.
IC runs through dungeons and raids for ancient artifacts and treasures.
Dueling tournaments
RP-PvP campaigns in contested territories & w/ The Lohn’goron.

Guild Ranks: More detailed descriptions can be found at our website: DwarvenVanguard.webs.com
Thane – Guild Leader
General – Guild Co-Leader
Captain – Officers & Division Commanders

Special Ranks:
Greybeard – Longtime members with outstanding RP skill.
Throne Guard – Personal Guard to the Thane and Generals after completing an epic quest assigned by the Thane

Regular Ranks:
Ironguard – Veteran members who attend events regularly and show great RP experience.
Warbrand – Wildhammer inspired rank granted to those who attend events and contribute to the guild by supplying uniforms, gold, or other materials.
Dragoon – Dark Iron inspired rank granted to those who attend training, uniforms are acquired at this rank.
Recruit – granted to those who have shown their loyalty to the guild.
Thrall – An OOC rank for new members.

Infantry – Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights
Mountaineers – Hunters, Shaman, Rogues
Sorcerers – Mages, Warlocks, Priests
1. Spelling & Grammar. This is an issue that drives me mad. I’m happy to help those who need assistance, but we’re all old enough to spell words and create complete sentences. I will quote Dregg on this, since we’re both the same when it comes to this issue. “Guild members and recruits should have a good understanding of the English language.” Public chats are for In Character messages. Guild chat and whispers are good enough for OOC banter. If it becomes too much of an issue, please download the addon “Misspelled.”

2. Respect for all members and former members. No matter how much someone annoys you, others, or myself included, we do not insult others. I occasionally break this rule when frustrated, but all it takes is for a fellow guild member to remind you.
For the full list of The Dwarven Vanguard’s rules, visit our website, which again is DwarvenVanguard.webs.com.

Guild Uniforms:
The uniforms are based on rank. Recruits and Thralls have the option of acquiring the recruit’s armor from any level one warrior.
Once you reach the rank of Dragoon, you’re given your uniform based on the division you’re in. The Mountaineer and Infantry uniforms are similar, with the only differences being a hood and cloak for Mountaineers, mail shoulders instead plate, and leather for rogues.

How to join The Dwarven Vanguard:
Mail me or another officer in game and inquire about an interview. Most interviews last less than 5 minutes and tell the officers where your RP skill is at. To join, you MUST be interview by someone of the rank Ironguard or higher.
Register for the website. This will help keep you updated on guild activity when not able to log in. Feel free to post in the guild discussion forum or simply browse.

Thank you for your time, everyone. I hope to see you all on the battlefield!

Iron and Earth protect you. Khaz’Goroth guide you, brothers and sisters.
Bump for great rival guild! Best wishes to you lot, hope to see many Dwarves in this great guild!
08/08/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Dregg
Bump for great rival guild! Best wishes to you lot, hope to see many Dwarves in this great guild!

Thanks! Hope to see you on the battlefield!
Also, I apologies if I posted when I was not supposed too >.>
I RPed with one of your female dorfs.

I even took a picture to prove it.

Bump for you guys!
<H> <RP-PvP Guild> The Dwarven Vanguard

<H> <RP-PvP Guild>


<H> <RP-PvP Guild> The Dwarven Vanguard

<H> <RP-PvP Guild>



Derp. I fixed it.


It was the ale, right?
I am NOT... that... drunk.
08/08/2012 05:42 PMPosted by Dregg
Also, I apologies if I posted when I was not supposed too >.>

It's fine. I got it all in there.

Also, sorry for my spamming of replies.
Bump for beards.
08/09/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Dregg

You call THAT a beard!? HA.
Dont hurt my feelings! I am very sensitive about my beard!
Because its so tiny? Awwww.
Bump for da'biggest Dwarf Guild in all Moon Guard!

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