WTB Mankrik

For the FL dailys, the have we met achievement.
Neeed this spawn, let me know and I'll make it worth your time.
I posted the same thing months ago. Best thing I found was to set up his ID in NPC Scan and camp the roost. Then I windowed my game and watched movies... two weeks later, I finally got him. Stupid low horde pop...

GL to you sir.
Stupid high ally pop
@Thellama /agreed
Ill pay 1k gold to anyone who gets him and saves him for me to wave to. I am on every day for most of the evening so if you get him it would be like 1kg for free.
I will also pay 1k gold for this elusive bastard.
He's trying to kill all the Quilboars he can to prep for MoP. He needs to train and get used to his spec too you know

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