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It looks great for a budget build. i3 will be fine.
It would probably be better if i didnt overclock for now anyways so you are probably right about that.

How about this mobo

Would this be a good choice for a case?

What price should I be looking for the HD 7770 for? Even on I'm not seeing any under 119$.

Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated!
Ok, if you dont ask, you dont get! so here i go.

Will the Nvidia geforce 630m play MOP? if so, what would the settings/fps be? googled it, to no avail!

Also, that being said, would it be worth saving an extra $400 and trying to buy a laptop for around $900, or will the be good enough?

Basically i dont want to buy it, then not be able to play!

Sorry if this question annoys people! :)
ok, got a splash screen etc

still wont turn off with power button but usb ports are working

im going to start putting together now

The ASRock board is good.

Sorry, the HD 7770s increased price a little more since last time I checked.
Stick to this:

Case looks nice, but only has 1 fan at rear. I'd buy one more fan to fit in the front at minimum. Top, side, or bottom is purely optional.


GT 630M will play WoW well for the budget level it is situated at. It's roughly approximately similar to GT 540M, and there are lots of reviews or people leaving comments about GT 540M and WoW performance, so you can use that as a base.

If I were to save money, I'd at least aim for $1200.


Ensure you have the power button jumper from the case properly aligned (in terms of + and -).
Ok would it hurt to use a 60gb SSD just for my OS? I have a external hard drive with wow and etc.

What can of fps could i expect on 25 man raids and what settings should I be able to run WoW in?
I would buy at least 120/128GB SSD as there's noticeable performance penalty at that level.

It should be able to run WoW in ultra (shadows @ high) settings.
Oh wow that is exceeding my expectations. Great!

Would it hurt if I went for a modular PSU instead such as
Or would it be ok to lower wattage to like a 450w modular PSU
That power supply should be OK.
It's all going good now. Just getting drivers!

Also what's a good anti virus?
There are many good anti-virus programs. I personally use Microsoft Security Essentials with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
Well thankd again.

Just downloading wow now. Man am I excited.

You are super helpful. I hope you profit off all the help you give everyone somehow.
Ensure you get latest drivers from websites rather than from the CD (they are highly likely to be outdated). Don't forget DirectX update from Microsoft.
Ok I'll check that out
Well i logged into wow and wow, i am just !@#$ing blown away. I had no idea the game could look this good. 90fps on ultra everything but shadows like you said. Im just blown away this is amazing wow.

thanks again so much!
Don't forget to set WoW's API to DirectX 11.

Try 2x or 4x multisampling for even more wow factor
ok all thats done and got it at 8x multisampling and it hasnt budged the fps

quick question:
when i first got the drivers from amd it fixed up my screen to fit full size, then idk what happened but now its got about a 3/4" black bar all the way around and I cannot get rid of it. I tried all the screen resolution options. the image is still really sharp, just not sure why it has the space everywhere though...
my monitor is asus vw246h and i am connected w/hdmi cable
if i switch to dvi cable then all i can see is my screen background and no mouse cursor or anything, but it is full screen. IDK
Problem is with HDMI

Open Catalyst Control Panel, then one of the display options should say something about GPU scaling. Allow GPU to control scaling (or let monitor). One of these will fix it.

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