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once again, thank you!
it was the over/underscaling meter in the catalyst control panel that was turned all the way down.

everything looks in order right?
What kind of fps can I expect in 25 man raids?
RAM must be 2x 4GB, not 1x 8GB. Also, DDR3-1600, 1.5v operational voltage.

Do not buy Vertex Plus. Get something like Samsung 830, Vertex 4, Corsair Neutron, Intel 530, Crucial m4...

I assume you have taken care of OS requirement issue.

As for the FPS, depends on your monitor resolution and settings, but rest assured, it'll give you good playable FPS in 25 man raids.

That actually going to work? haha
Yes, this will work.

I see you don't have a normal HDD included alongside the SSD; are you re-using old drive?
Yes I have a external hard-drive i use for my laptop so I figured it would be ok to just use that.
If it's uses USB 2 interface, I would recommend taking it out of the external casing then install it directly with SATA interface (there's a noticeable speed penalty).

But if you want to keep using it with the laptop, not much of a choice, I suppose. :o

I use an external enclosure too, but it's USB 3.0.
Ok i have the space to copy WoW onto my laptop so I can try installing it in the new build.
Thanks again for the help!
Hello, here's what I came up with after taking your suggestions and shopping around but I'm curious as to if you think the MoBo will come with enough wires to hook up the HD because the HD is a bare one, and also I was wondering if you have any suggestions about a Wireless internet adapter because I have it built into my laptop and only access to wireless.

Thank you.
All motherboards come with at least 1 SATA cable, with 2 being the most common. I would not worry about SATA cable unless you are getting an SSD on top of an HDD and a DVD.

Look through any highly rated wireless adapters on NewEgg.

There are cheaper B75 boards nowadays.
Just bought a Sapphire HD7850 and a Kingston 120 GB SSD (has a $35 mail in rebate so its really only gonna be $75)

I am just curious if my Phenom X6 1055t will bottleneck these or if I should still be ok processor wise for another year or so. I eventually plan to upgrade to an i5 if AMD hasnt got their act together by then. But if I don't need to yet I would rather wait to splash the cash on a new processor/motherboard.

My other relevant specs are a Corsair 650W 80+ psu, Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Mobo and 16 gb of ram, I don't remember the brand name but im pretty sure it's ddr3 1600mhz (I know that's an overkill amount of ram but I got it for basically free so w/e).

I'm upgrading from an ancient nividia 9800gt and currently don't have a SSD of any kind so I'm hoping to see an all around performance boost in my games / general loading times etc. I am just hoping my processor wont be holding me back too much.
Phenom II X6 1055T is still a good CPU, and if your motherboard supports AMD FX, it is likely to provide support for upcoming Vishera (Piledriver) cores. Depending on how well Piledriver performs, you can make your decision there to go to Intel Haswell setup, or buy a Piledriver CPU.

However, if your motherboard does not have support for AMD FX, it's highly unlikely it will have support for upcoming Vishera CPUs. In this case, feel free to upgrade to Ivy i5, or even Haswell i5 (as Phenom II X6 1055T isn't that bad yet).

You will see some FPS boost going from 9800 GT to HD 7850, and you will definitely see huge difference in loading time (as long as you do fresh install of OS + all programs on SSD, and correct setup (such as installing SSD on SATA III port, and enabling AHCI)).
Is there anything wrong with gskill ARES RAM sticks? I couldn't see anything in the specs, and newegg is currently having an offer for asrock z77 extreme4 (, giving you two 4G ARES sticks for free.

Are they decent, or would you suggest getting other RAM?
It's a fairly new brand launch, not sure what's so special about it, but there's nothing wrong about it either.
So I've assembled my new pc, and as far as I can tell it's functional. Fans are spinning and I get an error saying no os, which is normal since i haven't installed windows 7 yet.

The reason I haven't installed windows 7 yet is b/c I'm not sure I got the right version. The package says that it's an OEM System builder pack, and I'm not sure if that's what i want or not. There's something on the cover saying that I need to use an OEM pre-installation kit to install it. Should I be returning this and getting something else?
You don't need any of that. Just pop the DVD in and install like normal.
Then why does they put weird wording on it to confuse my poor little pink tin can brain?

Also, lol @ 82 important updates.
Because these copies are not normally meant for general consumption, but we do it anyway, and MS doesn't really care that you do either. ;) People who actually use OEM copies for personal reasons are minuscule compared to people who either buy retail, or just rely on locked copies from major vendors.

There has been assloads of updates since SP 1 got released. I think it's about time for MS to release SP 2. :(

Oh well.

Don't forget to update drivers from websites rather than the CD.
thank you for this
Hey Kalganized, I'm curious as to know what computer(s) you use to play WoW, their cost, and what-not. Any chance you wouldn't mind sharing?

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