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I sold away my main gaming PC.

Currently on a laptop. It cost me $1200ish when I bought it.

8GB DDR3-1333
GeForce GTX 560M, 192-bit, 1.5GB, heavy OC
Momentus XT Hybrid 500GB 7200RPM
750GB 7200RPM drive
15.6" matte screen @ 1920x1080, currently using Dell U2412M for display
Because these copies are not normally meant for general consumption, but we do it anyway, and MS doesn't really care that you do either. ;) People who actually use OEM copies for personal reasons are minuscule compared to people who either buy retail, or just rely on locked copies from major vendors.

There has been assloads of updates since SP 1 got released. I think it's about time for MS to release SP 2. :(

Oh well.

Don't forget to update drivers from websites rather than the CD.

Yeah, I looked around on newegg and and I couldn't even find retail versions, which led me to guess that I had in fact bought the correct thing.

As to drivers, I ran the MSI liveupdate thingy which was supposed to download and install things but the best I can tell while it downloaded stuff it didn't install it. *shrug* I'm not likely to get around to installing wow till the weekend anyway and will use old computer till then.

So. much. stuff. to intall.
Yeah. First installs are always annoying with all those things you have to. :(

I'd recommend you visit MSI website directly for it. MSI Liveupdate is not reliable in getting things to actually install lol.
Yeah, I tried to get it directly (wanted to download on old computer and put on USB stick) but when I searched for my motherboard (or pretty much anything) I got no results.
What is motherboard model?
Um, Z77A-G45.
BIOS update:


Utilities (Not required):
Durr. how'd you find that? When I went to the download page they had nothing for the Z77 motherboards.
Visit the product page directly.
Bah. Yes, why would I ever visit the download page when I was looking to find something to download. >.<
Alright so I started building my computer and... I'm pretty much done, but when I start the computer, everything works ( optical drive, fans, cpu, graphic card fans), but there's no image on my screen and the light in front of my case is red...

Do you know what's the problem?
Did you connect your monitor to the graphics card's ports, not ones on the motherboard?
Well you quickly got a hand on what could be the problem. I'll try that and come back after.
You are my hero. Thanks!
Now, it's telling me when I open the computer : Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

What am I supposed to do at this point? My Windows 7 CD is in and nothing is happening.
Change the boot order in BIOS.

Also ensure SATA data cable is firmly connected.
Can't find anything about priority in my BIOS, but by the way does that mean my HDD isn't well connected?
Consult motherboard manual. Look through BIOS section. There is a section about telling you how to adjust boot order.

Only if BIOS does not recognize the HDD.
Well at the beginning it did not recognize it but I still managed to adjust that. I'll look through the manual. Thanks for your time.
Kal, I was wondering if the #2 build in your guide list would be good enough to run wow on ultra settings or would I have to change around a few things?

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