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So kalganize i bought all of the stuff listed minus the vid card so far and i got it all hooked up and it doesnt look like i have enough of the 6 pin connecters, any ideas? the stuff i bought is on page 9 i believe.
Look at the power supply box; it is a fully modular system, which means you have to look through all the modular cables to find them.
Sorry 1st time im building a computer i just wanna make sure i got everything. i know im short 1 sata cable but i can get another 1 but im only seeing the 1 6 pin connecter ill look through the box and see if i got extra connecter things tho
lol never mind i found it, it was hiding in a hollow space in the side of the case.
last thing though, my friend was telling me the heat sinks that come with the proccessers are usually bad and i should get an after market one, what do you think?
Stock is fine with non-OC CPUs
ok tyvm dude i should be good to go now. I just gotta buy my 7870 gpu and another sata cable and ill be good to go
SSD didn't come with a SATA cable?? What a bummer. You can try scrounging one off of old PC or ask someone for one.
Do you know anything about the power supply in this combo here? Looking around, it seems to be ~85% efficient anywhere from 200-600watts, but more information is always nice. Trying to get as much as info as possible before I finalize my build in the next day or so.
Power supply is good, but combo as whole is very expensive due to some unnecessary components (namely, expensive case and power supply).

If you aren't going to OC, definitely overpriced.
I was going to OC, and my thought was that it would save me buying a better power supply down the road if/when I decide to add more graphics cards.

Is the case overpriced? That was the one thing I didn't want to skimp on, since it's the part that I can stick with the longest.
A good mid-tower case can be had for $50, and a good 80 Plus Bronze certified 500W can be had for $50 too.

850W is definitely not necessary unless you plan to do SLi / XFire for sure -- and even then, SLi / XFire is totally wasted if you will only play on a single monitor.
Hm, I'll keep looking around then. Still keeping hope to find that one great discount/combo >.>

Edit: Do you know how much space a 64GB SSD has on average after installing windows64?
About a little more than the half of the space remaining.

It's strongly recommended to go with 120/128GB at minimum as performance hit becomes rather severe below that level
Hm well I think I finially found what I'll end up with, just wanted to check to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious that I should be doing... it's been quite a long time since I've gotten a PC.

CPU+MOBO (3570K+Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H)

Cooler: (Coolermaster Hyper 212+)

Graphics Card: (Gigabyte 7870 GHZ Edition)

Memory: (2x4GB GSKILL Ripjaws 1600)

HDD: (WD Caviar Blue 500GB)

SSD: (Samsung 830 128GB)

PSU: (PC Power&Cooling Silencer 500W)

Case: (Cooler Master HAF 912)

Plus Windows 7, of course.

Edit: I'll be using the DVD drive from an old spare PC
Build looks good. No complaints here.

Note that you can have 1TB hard drive For about $20 more.
So i recently built a computer based on your budget build and your >$1000 build. When I first ran it the fps was great everywhere. Pretty much 50+ sometimes down to 40ish in heavy bg situations.

For some reason the past couple days it has been sitting around 15-25 in SW. It gets a little better in bg's and the world but not much. I haven't changed the settings although they are maxed (except shadows to high) When i change all the settings to low it goes up to about 20-25.

I am just wondering if there is anything I may have incidently done to throw my fps off so much? Changing things like multi sampling doesn't change the fps either, so I am not sure what the issue could be.
I would check the temperature first and foremost. Download HWMonitor and report CPU and GPU temperature with WoW running in the background in windowed mode (NOT minimized)
My gpu is running at 49 (120) degrees with wow running fullscreen
cpu is the same

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