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Does any other games have FPS issues, or is it just WoW?

Have you changed any WoW settings or nVidia/AMD control panel settings since you first ran?
i only play wow and I havent changed anything I am aware of. Ill take a gander at the cata control panel again to see
I would first try usual optimization route:

1) Update driver to latest for everything

2) Disable Windows Search (and drive indexing)

3) Disable services / background programs you don't need

4) Minimize addons. Outdated addons may cause problems with WoW

5) Do not force beyond 4x multisampling

6) Do not force ultra shadows

7) Ensure game is running at DirectX 11 mode

8) Ensure you are using 64-bit client, although I hear it is standard now
ok ill go through that list. thanks!
I would also ensure that 6-pin PCI-E power plugs are fully plugged (1 or 2 6-pin depending on what graphics card it has), AND that all CPU power plugs are plugged (1 or 2 4-pin).
getting rid of outdated powa helped a lot.

it's 70+ in bg's now, but still about 20 at the AH in SW. Im not complaingng though since that's about what I used to get in the barrens!
Could be lot better. Try with zero addons.
ya better with 0 add ons. Jumps from about 25-100+ depending where I am standing etc. Is it common for it to jump around that much? My old comp was pretty much a static 15 or so in SW but this is all over the map
Yes, it's common.
alrighty, it's all good now then. One of those add ons is bad then. I'll have to weed it out...

Thanks again!
My Dad just bought me a 1.5 TB external HDD for my birthday (would have prefered an internal, but can't really complain >.>). I'm wondering if it would be better to use the USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard or if the 2.0 ones are fine. I'm also not entirely sure whether the external drive supports 3.0. It's a Seagate FreeAgent external drive.

It's not looking like it does so I doubt it would make a difference.
You can just take out the HDD and use it like a normal internal drive
09/16/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Kalganized
You can just take out the HDD and use it like a normal internal drive

I would but my Dad would probably throw a fit.

there's a huge performance penalty using USB 2
Hi Kalganized, I am looking to put in a video card and power supply in an already purchased premade gateway machine. My goal is to maintain a stable 45 + fps in 25 raids on Ultra settings with shadows set to High instead in MoP.

The link to a very similar computer is below.
Rough Specs: i5 2310, Intel stock cpu cooler, 8gb 1600hz ram, 1 TB 7200 rpm HD, some Acer mobo, 400 W crap power supply. The

I am considering purchasing an Msi TF 2gb 7850

and a Corsair TX 650W

However I already have a Corsair CX500w builder series power supply which you said to generally stay away form.

I was running a GTS 250 on the CX500w power supply on a previous computer and I wanted to know if it was necessary to purchase the TX 650W to run the computer. Any other advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I also love what you are doing here for the WoW community. Thank you very much for doing this.
If you already have CX 500W, stick to it. While I said it's not the best choice, it's still infinitely better than 400W stock crap.

HD 7850 should run OK on it.
What exactly is suboptimal about the Corsair builder series.
It uses cheapest possible parts they can use from CWT.

While CWT is generally a decent unit, they build according to how much they get paid.
I'm looking at building my first computer and getting back into wow. Went off your guide mostly and wondering if all this would work together and run wow pretty good. Hopefully I'm not missing anything.

CPU + MOBO Combo



Graphic Card

Power Supply






CD/DVD Burner
I assume you do plan to overclock your CPU.

I recommend you get a RAM rated at 1.5v rather than 1.65v

If you don't mind rebates, PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 600W can be had for $60ish, fully modular too -- AND it's based on SeaSonic platform just the same, so you don't lose out on quality.

Update Vertex 4 firmware the moment you get it.

Otherwise, build looks fantastic and nothing more needs to be said.

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