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Thanks for the help!
Looks great.


Radeon 8800 series specs and purported pricing has been leaked. Seems pretty overpowered if it's true.

Basically, the 8870 would compete with GTX 680 / HD 7970 GHz Ed., but it eats less power, generates less heat, and costs $280.

Of course, rumor is a rumor, but that's a pretty amazing improvement, especially considering supposed price.
Seems weird. Wouldn't they want their next product line to surpass the current product? I guess doing the same thing with less power and lower costs is an improvement but it just seems odd.

Then again if that price is accurate they're really putting the screws to nvidia aren't they?
Seems weird. Wouldn't they want their next product line to surpass the current product? I guess doing the same thing with less power and lower costs is an improvement but it just seems odd.

Then again if that price is accurate they're really putting the screws to nvidia aren't they?

They are surpassing current products. If 8870 can compete with 7970 Ghz edition then it is much faster than 7870. If the rumor is true you'd probably have to wait for 8900 series to beat our current high end cards at their price points.
So what holds more wait in terms of comparing amd's cards?

Is it comparing x870 to y870 or is the first digit more important? Would you expect a 88xx to beat a 79xx?

I'm not even sure I'm asking the question right.
Generally, it is expected that the new gen would be one step ahead of last gen in terms of power hierarchy, or at least, equal it.

For example:

Radeon HD 4870's performance successor with 5000 line was HD 5770. The HD 5800 series were the "new top-end cards" where there is no equivalent 4000 line card.

Radeon HD 6970's performance successor with 7000 line was HD 7870. The HD 7870 outperforms both GTX 570 and HD 6970 by a modest amount with no OC, thoroughly spank it with OC. The HD 7900 series are the "new top-end cards" where there is no equivalent 6000 line card.

Of course, sometimes, exceptions happen (nVidia recycling G8x core design through 3~4 generations, and AMD naming snafu with 6000 series and onward), but that is the general expectation.

As for the generation number, first digit isn't as important as the second digit. Uninformed people tend to think like:

"Wow! A Radeon HD 6310! Since it is 6000 series, it's gotta be tons more powerful than Radeon HD 4870!"

That is a totally wrong train of thought.

So in other words, unless cards compared have the -same- second digit, first digit holds no significance unless if it's very old (IE) pre-Radeon HD 4000 series cards)

This is same with GeForce cards, by the way.
Kalganized, you are the best thing that happened to these forums. I really like you because you are such a nice and helpful person. Thank you so much for helping me and everyone else.

I built my first computer with your help and it is amazing just like you!!!!
Kal, quick question
So my computer was working fine until this morning where when I turned it on, it powers up and then after a couple seconds powers down and does this until I turned it off. And so I left it alone for a bit and came back and now it just powers up for a second and turns off completely.

Is this a PSU problem?
If so which PSU would you recommend?

i5 2500k/GTX 660 ti/asus p8z68v pro

hoping it didn't take out anything with it.
I'd check for shorting; take everything out (Super annoying, I know), set motherboard on top of non-conducive surface (mobo box works well for it) and do a dry boot.

Off-topic update:

Radeon graphics cards has received the price cut for HD 7950 and HD 7970. Other models are not affected yet.

HD 7970 standard can be found for $400 or less. Because of this, GTX 670 is no longer recommended.

HD 7950 is now $300, which is the same cost as less-performing GTX 660 Ti.

Some Intel CPUs received a price cut. Especially, the i5-3570k.

Example build section now includes a pcpartpicker link as an example. Prices and some parts were updated.
HIS Radeon 7950 are still $340. Have they probably not updated their prices yet?

And I've looked at some 8000 series rumors. They say Radeon 8870 is expected to perform like GTX 680 but be 20% cheaper than Radeon 7870. It doesn't really say whether that's at current price or launch price, but if that pricing rumor is true I'd imagine it would be 20% cheaper than launch price because 20% cheaper than the current price just seems way too good to be true.
Some are selling at old prices, some are not. IE) Sapphire's 7950 is at $300.
Hey Kal,
Thanks for the response earlier, got the comp working again though, I went back and read the reviews on the PSU I have and I am running into a lot of the problems they are having before the PSU decides to stop working. *the one star reviews*

so I am probably going to purchase a new PSU
I am currently looking at a 750 watt PSU

and a 600 watt PSU

both from PC Power & Cooling

They don't have a 500watt version of PC Power & Cooling at microcenter and I am hoping to find a PSU from a reliable brand.

I may SLI in the future but I am not sure if I would.
roughly 15dollars difference for a PSU that can support SLI
Odds are if you're not sure you're going to run multiple video cards, you probably won't.
09/18/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Kalganized
Some are selling at old prices, some are not. IE) Sapphire's 7950 is at $300.

So if they haven't updated yet they likely aren't going to be selling at a lower price?

Silencer MK II uses older, different technology. You should stick to MK III.

For SLi, you need 650W minimum, 700W+ (depending on what graphics card) recommended. Ensure it's 6+2 pin x4.


They usually do, eventually.
Kalganized (or others), couple questions if you don't mind.

1. Want to update my daughters video card. The Box isn't all that bad, it's a Dell XPS 8000 I7 870 @ 2.93 ghz. Problems is it came with a GT 220 and of course a no name 350 watt psu. I have a old 8800 GTs around, but I didn't really know if they were actually a better card, plus they require a power connector, where I'm pretty sure the 220 is board powered. Haven't really looked closely though.

Your opinion on a safe, inexpensive replacement card without changing the psu? Say in the $75-125 range.

2. I'm going to be building a complete system in the near future and have pretty much nailed down everything I want (need) but my current system will get me through the holidays and I figure I can get a much better system with holiday deals.

I've put plenty together at work, but sadly through a purchasing agent (here it is, put it together, lol) so I'm not up to date on when to buy. Whats your opinion on the best time? Day after Thanksgiving? near Christmas, shortly after or New Year sales?.

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, any of those holiday sales should be an excellent time to hunt for a deal.

That said...

Radeon HD 7750, may be able to push up to HD 7770 for your daughter.
I finally built my PC and boy is it fast! Installed W7 in 8 minutes. Play WoW on All ultra never dipping below 60FPS at 1080 resolution.

Pretty sweet. And of course the week after I buy it it is cheaper. Damn you technology!

Here is my build:

Thanks for the help Kalganized.
Glad you like it, Ricallo!

Soon to be updated:

AMD A-Series Trinity desktop APUs will come forth October 1st.

I am pretty sure it'll perform very well for what it is, and I will probably make a special build called "set it and forget it" for users that wants to build a PC but don't care to upgrade it or anything like it -- built around AMD A-Series Trinity desktop APU.
Computer build complete and all I can say is wow. Thanks for the help!

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