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Download and run HWMonitor, and report me the CPU and GPU temperature with a web browser open.

Try moving your PC near the modem/router and see if net issue is resolved.
Yep, price drop happened. I'm recommending that now.
General price updates also happened, and new SSD recommendation added.

I am also adding "drivers resource" section at the OP.
Hello, complete tech noob here. I'm looking into some pre-built gaming pc, but I want to make sure I'm looking for the right thing and not getting ripped off. I read your OP a few days ago as I was in an ambitious mind-state thinking I was going to have the time/patients to learn how to build my own.

I have mainly been looking through,

The "Gamer xtreme 2000" was the one that stuck out the most. If you have some time I would really appreciate the time and help.

if you really need to keep it under 800 go with the 7770

if the monitor you play on is 1920 x 1080 the 7770 will struggle if you try to max out.
I actually don't have a monitor, I've been playing on my macbook :3 I was thinking of just adding on that 22' 1680x1050 monitor thats on there for around $150. The link you posted, how well will it handle wow? Im obviously not looking for over-clocking, just something that can easily and effectively run WoW.
Buy monitor elsewhere. Don't buy it from CyberPowerPC (overpriced). Look through Amazon and NewEgg, or better yet, use

You want the monitor to have:

1080p (also commonly known as full HD resolution, or 1920x1080) support
5ms or less response rate
LED backlighting
I just tried my hand at building a good Trinity-based setup I can get. Total came up to about $430.

It's expensive because it assumes you will OC it, and that DDR3-2133 RAM. Once you OC this, it'll come pretty close to an Intel system (i3) with a Radeon HD 6670 performance in gaming.

From what little benchmarks I saw, the CPU itself is very competent and will definitely beat Celerons, and give Pentiums a run for its money (except more expensive Ivy Pentiums), and even put Sandy i3s in a precarious position.

Considering the price, it's a very alluring deal for the level of performance you are getting. But once again, if you are going to upgrade this system, then you should be getting an Intel-based (or hold out longer for Piledriver) system, not this. This system should only be people who will buy it then never consider upgrading it (with most upgrade they'll ever do being pairing the system up with a Radeon HD 6670 graphics).

To that end, I will officially recommend Trinity build for budget builds that will -never consider upgrading besides graphics card at most-.
Hello Kalaganized.

I recently tried to update my motherboard(BIOS) via Asus update utility, and it simply doe not connect to the server. Additionally i tried to update the BIOS through the manufacture website. Through the website i am met with akamai net session....and for whatever reason will not DL on my PC....or any where on the C drive

I have also been told that i can use a flash drive to DL the update onto my PC. is this the only way?
What is your motherboard model, and where were you trying to go to get the BIOS update?
Would you recommend pairing with a Radeon HD 6670 graphics at the start if I have extra funds?
With the Trinity system? Yeah.

But remember that if you ever think of upgrading more, for example, you could get an i5 system with a dedicated graphics card, don't.
Honestly not really, all I'm looking for is something that can easily play WoW. Other than that the only other thing I'll have on the pc will be chrome, skype, and vent.
Honestly you don't even really need to get a HD 6670 as it is. The system will be able to play WoW well enough at lower resolutions.
Awesome, you're the best. What do you think about the monitor I chose? It followed all the guidelines, also I wasn't seeing a graphics card selected on that read-out. Was I looking past something or? (Thanks again for all the help, you've been way more informative than any of my friends/acquaintances who have built they're own.)
Are you getting that Trinity setup I linked, or something else? :o
So I am curious is there a difference between i5-3470 3.20 GHz 6MB Intel Smart Cache to the i5-3450 / i5-3330 besides price, is that all it is? btw idk what intel smart cache is to gamers. this is my only cheapest i5 option for building a pc at
Just the price difference, and small speed difference.
The trinity system, the one you linked here:

just tried my hand at building a good Trinity-based setup I can get. Total came up to about $430.

Did I miss something? Woooow I totally, did. Sorry I'm at work. I didn't even post the link -.-; Sorry, this monitor for that build
Monitor looks decent for the price.

Trinity build doesn't have a separate graphics card because the CPU (called APU by AMD) has the integrated graphics within that's powerful once overclocked.

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