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im saving up for a new computer build. ill prolly have to top off my budget at $1000. would it be a good idea to wait for cyber monday for better deals or is it not that big of a deal and should just buy now?
If you can wait, wait for the holiday deals. Not that huge of a deal though.
** Build 3: Won't overclock. Give me a pretty good system just under 1k

Note: If you want the capacity to run SLi / CrossFireX, you will have to upgrade the motherboard to one of the recommended Z77 motherboards.

Note: Many motherboards only come with 2 SATA cables, and some SSDs do not come withi an extra SATA cable. Check the motherboard and SSD content details, and ensure you have enough SATA cables.

CPU: i5-3330 / i5-3450 (Get one that is the cheaper)
Motherboard: Any B75 motherboard, or a recommended Z77 if wanting SLi / CrossFireX
RAM: Any 2 x 4GB RAM while keeping my notes (DDR3-1600, 1.5v)
Graphics: Radeon HD 7870 2GB
Power Supply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500W or other similar power supplies
SSD: Any of the 120/128GB performance-based SSDs
Hard Drive: 1TB or above if wanted
DVD Drive: Cheap DVD burner
Case: HAF 912 or similar mid-tower case with at least 2 fans

Example Build:

Estimated cost: ~$830 ~ +++
Estimated FPS in WoW: ~50+


I just wanted to let you know that I built the system above last week, and I'm extremely happy with it. System is running great! I get 80+ fps on "good" settings, and cpu temp doesn't go above 65c. I had no issues with building it and installing all drivers and software. Thanks for all your help and info. I really appreciate it.
Good settings? You should push it ultra with anti-aliasing for real eye candy! :D

Glad you like it.
Hey Kalg. If I were considering going to school to be able to create things like this video for a living ( using a program like Blender or 3ds Max, that would warrant upgrading to an i7 right? I'm also not too sure how the graphics card relates to that though.
Yes. That would warrant upgrading to i7.

For this generation, if they make use of GPGPU functions, you go Radeon. No questions asked. CUDA or not.

Reason: nVidia neutered GPGPU functions on the Kepler gaming GPUs (one major reason why Kepler cards seem to "run so cooler and eat up far less power" than Radeon 7000s).
Hey Kalg, I had just ordered a new set of DDR3 16gb worth of Ram to upgrade my comp's 8gig's of ram.

My comp's specs:
System Model: Alienware Aurora 2
Processor: i5 CPU Processor 650 @ 3.20 GHz, 3201 Mhz
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5670
Motherboard: Similar to this one, I can't find the exact motherboard but since it's from the Alienware Aurora, I think this is the closest one.
Power Supply is ridiculous overkill, I can't remember the exact wattage, but I remember someone telling me that what I had was overkill to say the least.

So my question to you is this, what should I upgrade first if I want the ultimate gaming experience on WoW and possibly more games in the future like a Call of Duty / Battlefield type of game?

I'm not very computer savvy at all... thus the reason I got an Alienware, something goes wrong with my comp or acts weird in the slightest way, I have Dell on the phone and them fixing my comp for me lol.
You need a better graphics card.

RAM upgrade will do nothing.
You need a better graphics card.

RAM upgrade will do nothing.

Anything in particular you'd recommend?

I don't mind spending, but I don't want something ridiculously so overkill that I wont even get close to touching it's potential.
So, going off your "Absolute cheapest build"(I will probably pick up a i5 later down the road, or just completely rehaul in 3-4 years), how do you know how those specs will run? And, since the MoP zones have improved graphics(that ive noticed), are the benchmarks for cata areas, or MoP areas? I'm waiting for Black Friday/Cyber monday, hoping to get ~10 off per part(adds up to quite a bit).

What would be a good case for that build? I'm currently leaning towards the HAF 912, mostly for cable management, but could I cut it down a bit to save some money?

Depends on your budget and power supply capacity.


It's a very rough estimate. The FPS with an HD 6670 (GDDR5) will be acceptable, but not good in any way if you run it off ultra @ 1080p.

There's not much of a good case you can choose from with such a budget. Go with whichever is cheapest, and is fairly decent.

Depends on your budget and power supply capacity.

I have an 875 Watt Power Supply and my budget is $300, but I just don't want to buy something that I don't really need.

Also, the ram that I bought was incompatible with my motherboard.

So, I was wondering, would this Ram fit instead? I was told by Alienware that my motherboard wont process an 8gig stick of ram, the most it will handle is 4gig sticks. So I was wondering will these fit it instead?
Well, im going to be using a 1600x900 monitor, not even close to 1080p. Since I've been running on low with !@#$ty fps for the past 3 years, I don't even care for ultra eye candy graphics, as long as the fps is smooth lol

Don't bother upgrading the RAM. Just return it and use the extra money to either save up for a better CPU + motherboard in 2013, get a better graphics card, or get an SSD.

That said, Battlefield 3 requires lopsidedly higher graphics power to run things at ultra, when compared to most other games. So you have to tell me whether you really want to run things at ultra with BF 3 or not.


Then cheapest build will work OK for you, but I strongly recommend upping motherboard to B75, and getting a 500W power supply.
Kal quick question,

I currently have a gtx 660ti and I love the thing, however I currently run dual monitors but only use one for games and the other one for monitoring things and misc. (Ranges from youtube, netflix to just web browsing)

I am starting to get brief fps drops when I have my 2nd monitor plugged in. It is brief but it is starting to get irritating.

Temps are fine for the GPU and CPU both never exceeding the 65 mark.
Is there a solution for this other then just use one monitor?
I currently have a Corsair 750 psu so SLI is an option for me if it is a solution.

Silly me forgot the resolution
the main monitor is 1920 x 1080 and the secondary monitor is 1600 x 900
Have you tried out latest drivers? New sets were released about 5 days ago.
Yup downloaded the latest drivers, though it only happens when I am out and about in the world but it happens regardless of settings.

Do you think Window Mode is the cause of this?
Does this happen with any other games?
Hasn't happened in the other games I played. GW2 and some steam games. Granted my fps sits at 45 areas most of the time in GW2.

Happens without addons, cleared out the cahce folder and move the WTF folder out as well.

To be specific my fps would sit at 60 *vsync on * then drops to 25ish and then quickly go back to 60 as if nothing happen and everything is fine. Happens when I am moving the camera around rapidly.
Try full-screen or windowed(full screen). It's clearly WOW.

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